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“Why not just walk through the front door?” you thought to yourself. It doesn’t seem to be that heavily guarded. “There’s just one guy, and I bet I can talk him into letting me in.” you pondered, though you didn’t know if it was a good idea. The thought had already hyped you up, and you felt as though you couldn’t have wasted your energy hyping yourself up for something you weren’t going to do.
Dutifully, you smoothed out your tight little crop top slightly, as if you could have pulled the thin material over your tight short shorts. You tried not to think about your altered anatomy, and removed any possibility of the guard taking into consideration your outfit from your mind. You padded your way down the more shallow path into the ravine from the main road into the city; amazed by the enormous watch-towers overseeing the entrance of the facility. You felt smell as the looming concrete presence hung high in the air above you.
“Hope it doesn’t fall” you thought to yourself as you gracefully moved beneath the overhang. It only took you a few paces to pass beneath it and greet the single guard. When you looked at him, you realized the young man was more heavily armed than you expected.
“Halt, what’s your business here?!” His voice sounded overly aggressive in tone, his deep calls were like a sack of marbles rattling around in his throat. You were jarred when you met eyes with the guard, yet to your surprise, his left eye was nothing but a leathery pit of skin where an eye should have been. He cared not to hide it with a patch, maybe it was an intimidation tactic? He gripped his weapon and held it up to you as you walked within feet of him. You noticed he was a fellow German Shepard, and you knew this could go one of two ways, his ferocity and appeal captured your interests.

Written by Driftingdragon on 27 December 2020

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