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Your anxiety was in full swing. Quivering pupils darted around in panic, seeing another person in this world seemed to strike fear into your heart. You became hyper focused on the sharp corners of a nearby rock. Alas, the disciplined knight-wannabe anticipated your attack from the moment you clumsily bent over to grab the hard mineral.
A harsh clang ran out through the environment as the hard tip of his sword negated your projectile attack. He jabbed at you with the long tooth of a spear of his; skillfully, you dodged, only ending up with a scrap of your already revealing tank top ripped off. A small tussle became a much larger struggle, before finally dissolving into an all out fist fight between you and the guard. He punched you in the face, you kicked his long range weapon far from his grasp, and he regained access to it by tripping you before you could get to it.
For a moment, you felt as if this fight could have gone on forever, as if every punch thrown was unfolding in slow motion around you. A strength flowed throughout your body much stronger than anything you have ever felt before, and despite the pain ringing through your body like a church bell, it was almost exhilitarting to fight someone surprisingly unqualified for this job.
In a flash, without even noticing, you ended up behind the guard. Maybe he tripped, or fell over you or something, anyway, your mind was racing.

Written by Driftingdragon on 30 December 2020

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