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Your initial instinct took over your actions. Quickly extending your legs between his own, you force power upwards with all of your might. A heavy thud was heard, and it seems as though the guard was about to jump out of his skin. Only one moment later, he was falling to the ground with his hands clutching between his knees. From his lips, a high pitched squeak just barely escaped; his world began to spin in agony.
“Fuck!” You expressed aloud. Of course your stupid ass would forget about the cameras planted all around the outside of the building. He’s not even taken care of fully, you just made him even more mad, and now the blinking green lights had turned to a solid red. “Damn do I not want to know what that means.” You huffed at yourself.
Before you had the time to fully catch yourself, the enraged guard was now barreling towards you aggressively. In this moment you finally realized the immense size difference between you and the guard, before long he was upon you. The weight dragging you down was unbearable, his heavy body was used for exactly what he was hired for: Deterring anyone suspicious. Your arms were pinned down beneath him, and you could hear a crowd of footsteps approaching.
“Calm down now. My guys are coming for you. You’re BUSTED.” He barked down at you, the last thing you could remember was a tingling sensation rushing through your body from a specific point. At first you had no idea what it was, but you soon realized between fits of jerking that you were probably being shocked.
Your vision began to fade and you felt yourself being carried away. It was unclear to you, whether or not you were going to wake up again after this, but all you could think about was how exhausted you had become. Maybe if you closed your eyes for a little bit you would feel better.

Written by Driftingdragon on 01 January 2021

The end (for now)
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