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A battle quickly ensured. The thieves had you and Rocko surrounded without mercy. They tried snapping at you with swords and guns. Rocko helped fight with you. His offensive moves proved expertise against the thieves no matter the creature that they were. The flexing of his hybrid panther legs and the control he had of his tail was quite a sight. In fact, you, being on offense and defense, tried to emulate his control. Hybrid tiger legs made for deadly kicks, you head-butted someone who got too close to you, and punched someone’s face. Surprisingly, you came up with a plan and were able to lead the thieves into the waters… and further out into the ocean… into rising tides… until the Guardsmen Tower could see, and then they arrived stealthily and overwhelmed the band of thieves.
Both Rocko and you walked away as the Guardsmen tied up the thieves, and the few that got away wouldn’t last long. Grimmr were among the ones caught, he was muzzled and glared at you. But both you and Rocko walked off of that beach, alive and well.


That night, you both slept overnight on the beach shore. You played the ocarina, a soft tune and Rocko had dozed off to sleep. With him asleep, you decided to go back to the thieves’ den. They were all captured and put in prison immediately. The city was safe and sound again without their reign of terror.
So you got up from the sand and walked into the forest. The thick thickets of vines and large trees brought you back to the first time you came here as a tiger. The ground was wet and dark brown from dirt and soil. You found your way down the path that Grimmr first brought you to and spotted the three-story guild. All of the lights still on.
Finally, you got to see the extent of the damage you caused. Most of the front was burned off and the inside was exposed. So the bar area was the first thing you saw upon walking up the stairs. You made sure that no one was around, but you heard nothing. You were led down a hallway that led to the upstairs, there, you found bedrooms and storage rooms.
The doors you opened revealed bountiful treasures. Gold, jewelry, dresses and fine clothing, plenty of good foods that were obviously expensive, guns, swords, games, shields, books. All of such didn’t belong to the thieves. Your claws scraped the walls as you opened another door, but this one held only one item — it was a costume.
You went towards it then grabbed it. This is what would send Rocko out of this world! He’s been here for too long, you could give it to him and help him out!
Your intent to coming to the thieves’ den was, of course, see if there was anything useful for you. But having found nothing other than this costume, you decided to leave. Your ears twitched as you walked out of the guild and you started back into the trees.
Whose costume did this belong to? Well, it was yours now.
And just as you were about to break out of the forest — something came to you, how would you leave this world? There were no notes for you. No extra costumes for you either. What would you do?
You looked at the costume then at your newfound friend Rocko and knew… that you’d have to make a decision. 

Written by on 06 September 2019

Both Give him the costume
Both Keep the Costume

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