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You sit right beside Rocko, he smiles. You’ve hidden the costume in your satchel. The both of you continue talking your way into sleep again. The stuffed satchel serves as a pillow as you doze off into sleep peacefully. 
Your reasoning as to why you’ll be keeping it: Rocko was more experienced, he’d find a way. Besides the Band of Thieves was taken care of, there was nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. He could make it on his own here. Your reasoning was sound.
You’d be off by the morning.
Or, you could stay with Rocko until he finds a costume? You could stay here to make certain that he does leave this world and doesn’t end up stuck here. You thought about this proposition, and thought hard on it, but the result was the same conclusion: Rocko would be capable on his own of finding another suit. Hell, there could have been another one hidden in the guild, you hadn’t looked that far to make certain of it however.


The next morning you awake, and the satchel is still in place. Surprisingly, Rocko didn’t smell anything off or another. He woke up an entire hour after you. You waited by the little waves of the ocean out before you. And in that time, you had thought… what if I just leave and don’t say goodbye?
That sounded like a better idea. In fact, it sounded like a much better idea. So you wrote a note and left it in the place where you had sat.
Then you opened your satchel and pulled out the costume. For the most part, it looked like some kind of fox with… two tails? You’ve heard of these things, kitsune, they were called. Would you just put the costume on over the one you were already wearing? Kind of thinking on it, you had no idea how to take off the tiger costume you were wearing right now…
You thought about this as you poked at the waist line where a costume would be able to be taken off. Instead, it was solid fur and muscle. You sighed and kept poking at such, slightly clipping your fur with your claws. You looked over at Rocko. He was still asleep.


Finally you slipped on the fox costume. 

Written by on 13 September 2019

The end (for now)
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