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Rocko looks at costume, surprised and reassured. He looks at you and says, “I can finally leave here.” His arms wrap around you. “Thank you, thank you so much!”
You smiled. “No problem.”
Would Rocko leave you behind?
“By the way, how long are you staying here?” he asks, observing the costume that was that of a tiger.
You thought about this. “You know, I’m not sure.” you tapped a claw to your chin. “It’s not a half bad place. But I wouldn’t mind somewhere more wet, or… magical even. Is there anything like that?”
“I’ve been to places like that.” He says, “You do look like you belong there.”
“Really, thanks. But… I guess I need to stay here awhile until I get a note or another costume.”
Rocko smiles. “I’ll wait with you.”
“Yeah. Wouldn’t want you to be alone and all.” You and Rocko shake hands in a bro-manner and then lay back in the sand, to fall asleep under the stars in reverie peace.
The next few days, there hasn’t been a costume or a note for you. But you wait anyways. It’s bound to show up soon. A few weeks pass and you and Rocko decide to leave the now wealthy city. You’d leave in search of a new costume, with Rocko right there — and with every opportune moment to become a minotaur, or whatever, and leave this world for a new one.
Before you, laid out a massive valley with a dirt road leading to the next town — another wealthy city but filled with Skyscrapers, an apparent resemblance to Tokyo.
“Ever think we’ll find you another costume?” asked Rocko.
“Don’t know,” you shrugged your striped shoulders, ears flicking. “Couldn’t I just go with you wherever you’ll go with this costume?”
Rocko answered, “Usually that’s not how this works… it could though.” He raised the costume. “Want to try it?”
You nodded. There wasn’t much else to try besides endless searching.


“Yeah, well, not for too long anyways.” He scratched his cheek and started to put on the tiger costume. “Geez, I wonder if I’ll even go anywhere. Weren’t you here first as a tiger?”
You tapped your chin. “Yeah, I was. Maybe you’ll end up staying here after all.” You said, disappointed.
Rocko frowned. “Hopefully not. But let’s give this a try.”
You stood back and waited as Rocko put on the entirety of the tiger costume and changed right before your eyes.

Written by on 09 September 2019

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