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“Uh, wait, what do you mean, Eden?” for the first time, you heard your changed voice speaking. You think your voice is somewhere between Emma Watson as a superhero and Britney Spears singing Toxic? Point is: you sounded hot and you like that. “Do you mean Eden as Heaven? Am I… dead?” almost whispered the last three words you let out, you’re not quite ready yet for that four-lettered word.


The bear-man laughed and waved his hand in a dismissing gesture, “No, no, this is Eden Research Facility at Planet Heaven, yes, but you’re not dead. Looks like people from Earth still used our names as something to be worshipped, huh?”


Everything you’ve known in your entire life was a big, fat, dinosaurian aged lie??


You demanded an explanation from him and he told you some histories. About how their kind visited Earth eons ago and share their stories about their planet’s beauty and promises as they tried to recruit some humans to come inhabit their planet as long as they’re willing to fulfill their requirements. About how they addressed their leader as God or Lord or other high title suitable for his might and grace. About how the recruitment didn’t really go as they planned. And about some other stuffs.


Though right now you’ve only got one question for him.

Written by kelingking2 on 03 May 2016

How Can I Get Here, Then?
Good One You Pulled There, Where
What Do You Mean, Recruitment?
What Should I Do While Waiting?