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Your ears perked up and your fur began to bristle as you felt the inner wolf coming out of you. You dropped to all fours and slobber began to drip down your mouth, a deep hunger came over you, and the only thing occupying your mind was when your next meal was. Despite not knowing, you had confidence in these abilities; it became clear that you were now suited to hunt down that delicious scent wafting through the air. It wasn’t a thought, you were on the way following a mysterious scent, yet one that nearly drove you mad with the desire to consume.
Nothing could have deterred you from the hunt, your boundless energy driving your rapid padding against the cold hard vines lining the ground. The scent was fresh and nearby; sharp fangs scraped against each other in anticipation of the feeling of tearing through flesh for your next meal.
Suddenly, you caught sight of the source of the beautiful smell: a half-consumed dear. It was astoundingly fresh and the warm brown fur had never looked as delicious to you as it did in that moment. You can barely remember what it was like to tuck into this meal, but when you came back around, you realized that the fur on your face was tinted red, your belly felt heavy and satisfied. With a yawn and a deep stretch, you sank down onto your flanks and forearms licking off whatever was left on your paws. It was delicious.
You began to feel sleepy, the enormous meal seemed to have been weighing you down significantly. The initial instinct was to keep moving, yet you had just found yourself comfortable in this new world, why not milk it?

Written by Driftingdragon on 10 February 2021

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