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You assumed that your senses were enough to keep you on your digits as you slept for a short amount of time. After all, you were able to find this initially, surely you would be able to sense the foreign scent of another being. Slowly, you blinked your eyes closed, resting your heavy head on your paws and dozed off.
As you slept, you dreamt some of the worst nightmares of your life. It was unbeknownst to you what plagued your dreams, yet you were still vaguely aware of the world around you, quickly turning to night, and making you more vulnerable. You would break into cold sweats, panting, and searching around you for the eyes that watch you in the dark. Suddenly, something snapped at you, wrapping themselves around your body. Despite your eyes wide open at this point, you couldn’t see a thing with your dilated pupils as they quivered in fear.
“A snake!” you woke up struggling and gasping for air, yet every breath you tried to take while wrapped up in the tight grasp of that snake only helped it to compress your chest even more. Soon you were able to feel its wet maw parting to take your head into its mouth, and your vision was quickly overtaken by the moist pink inner throat of a huge reticulated python. Not long after your breathing was cut off from your chest, you began to also suffocate from your muzzle crushing into the powerful muscles of the snake’s throat as it moved you farther down his throat. You couldn’t even scream as your muzzle was clamped tightly shut and no matter how much you writhed you wouldn’t be able to escape.

Written by Driftingdragon on 13 February 2021

The end (for now)
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