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You figured that you shouldn’t waste much more time. After what you did to that carcase, it must have released a warning sign to all other scavengers, and you knew your body was too full to muster the energy to fight one of them off, let alone another canine. Shaking it off, you began pawing your way down the road even deeper into the jungle, you were unsure of what you were going to do, but you were at least aware of what your basic needs were.
“Water and shelter” you repeated in your head. “Water and shelter. I can have as much food as I would like, yet that won’t stop me from dehydrating or dying of exposure.” the first thing you had to look for was a clean source of water, and if you couldn’t find it yourself, you would try to pull it from the humid air. “I’ve seen this before.” you repeat to yourself as you refocused on what you were doing. “Let me see, if I can remember…”

Written by Driftingdragon on 16 February 2021

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