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“What is taking them so long?” Daniel tapped his foot outside the entrance to the shop. He was sure the store keeper inside was staring out the window wondering you the weirdo out front was. Daniel could picture the cops coming, his parents picking him up from the slammer. His mother would cry, his father's disappointed face. His friends, his four close friends would laugh their asses off.
“I could go in?” Daniel muttered staring at his wrist. Time didn't bring his late friends any closer to appearing before him, but he could hope, right? “Screw 'em.” Daniel said a flash of bravery. They were supposed to be looking for a costumes together for a party. The school was hosting it, and for once it didn't sound lame.
“I'll go in and get the best costume for myself.” Daniel nodded, that would show them. Turning from his pacing steps. Daniel opened the door, setting off a charming little bell. Daniel looked up and shape at a dangling fairy. The berries in her hands were the little bells that chime. “Cute.” Daniel smiled, charmed by the little figure.
“Isn't see?” A voice came from Daniel's side. “Many costumers don't even notice her.” Daniel turned and saw a young woman. Dressed in frilly clothes that would make his geeky friend droll. Her blonde hair curled, and tumbled around her shoulders. “Can I help you find what you seek?”
“Please,” Daniel ignored the funny why she spoke. It must be a gimmick for the shop, so he should go with it.
“You liked our fairy, would you like to be one?” She asked speaking in a soft and steady tone. That Daniel found to be soothing.
“No,” Daniel couldn't even begin to image the torment he would suffer. Dressing like a fairy to a school party. Shivering Daniel forced the image to the back of his mind. The mere passing thought would fuel his nightmare later.
“Something a little cooler, but different?” Daniel didn't have a real idea in mind. Crossing his arm, Daniel tilted himself left to right in thought.
“Cooler, and prettier.” She tapped her lips with her ring finger. The cuffs of her dress, swinging in front of her as she spoke. “Perhaps even mysterious?” “Mysterious.” Daniel snapped his fingers at her.
“Yeah, I want to be completely different from myself!” Daniel always daydreamed about whisking away to a new place, where he was the hero, the star. No offence to his friends, but they were so colourful and popular. That Daniel wasn't sure they understood him at times.
“Completely different I can do.” Her eyes narrowed at him, and she brought her hand up, with the palm out. Laughing, “But the price can be high.”
“Oh,” Daniel's shoulder slumped. He didn't have much money on him. Not enough to cover something the shop keep thought was pricey.
“It won't cost you any money.” She smiled with a nod, clapping her hands together. “You noticed my fairy after all.”
“Great!” Who knew there would be such a great perk for noticing a cute fairy chime? Daniel did a little dance on the spot to celebrate. Blushing red when the shop keeper joined him.
“What fun, but now we can not dance, you must try on the piece I'm thinking of!” She took Daniel hand into her smaller one, dragging him past the rows of costumes and accessories. Past a beaded curtain covering a doorway. To a back, and in Daniel's mind, secret room.
“What costume is it?” Daniel's palm sweated with excitement, and nerves. Mostly it was nerves. “A dragon? A skunk? A warrior? Or even a hydra?” Daniel rattled off a couple of things that came to the top of his head. They didn't make much sense once said out loud, but who cares! This was a free costume, and even his friends couldn't find a better deal than that?

Written by psto1464 on 17 January 2020


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