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"That would be telling" the storekeeper says "Just go into the change room and I will get it ready."


Daniel nods and heads into the room.


"I have invested in a body scanner, so if you would take your clothes off , I can adjust the costume so that it fits you perfectly" the store keeper says.


Daniel gulps "You are going to see me naked?"


The storekeeper reassures him "No I only get the key measurements. I have done this plenty of times so I am aware of what people are worried about"


Daniel nods striping down to his underwear. "Ready" he calls out.


The room goes dark and a beam of light moves up from the floor to the roof. The room lights back up to reveal that his clothes are gone.


"Hey" he calls out "Where are my clothes?"


The storekeeper responds with "They are out here, people are so shy about showing themselves in my costumes, this makes them come out at least once. Their the adjustments have been made." as a box slides into the room.


"Put it on and we will see how you look"

Written by catprog on 28 January 2020


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