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“A sphinx.” She pulled a baggy piece from nowhere. It looked like a hunk of skin dangling from her hands. A hunk of skin covered in feathers. It looked like an animal skin, with the lion paws sagging on the floor with life like fur. The talons of the suit where his hands would be, looked like they glinted with a sharp and very real edge.
“Is that even wearable?” Daniel edge back from her, the costume gave him the chills; he couldn't finger on why. “You'll never want to take it off, and if you do?” She smiled with bright white teeth. “It'll only be because you found an even better one!” Laughing she continued.
“We have little shops everywhere. We're like mini treasure chest waiting for discovery!” She was good at this, selling her shop. Daniel nodded, impressed, he should at least try on the costume...what's the worse that could happen?
“And it's free?” Daniel asked, inching back over to her.
“I won't take a nickle of your money.” She smiled again, pushing the costume into Daniel's arms.
“I should put it on right here?” Looking around for a changing room. The feather part of the costume felt soft and fluffy under his hands, the costume wasn't as nasty as it looked.
“Clothes won't inter with your change.” She shook her head. “It is a girl sphinx, so we'll be fine in the same room.” She covered her mouth behind her arm sleeve while giggle.
“Okay then.” Daniel shrugged and found the hole for him to step into the costume. His feet felt weird. Like he was stepping into wet rubber. “Feels kinda weird.” Daniel muttered pulling it up his legs anyway.
“That's normal.” She waved a hand, dismissing Daniel's concerns. “Might want to work on that a bit.” Daniel offered his two-cents, while shrugging into it. “You won't notice that soon.” She smiled once again. Daniel went to disagree when the costume head came up from behind him slamming down on him, blinding him.
“What's-” Daniel tried to yell. When his mouth was glue shut by some force he could see, or even feel. The costume tightened. He could feel his clothes dissolve over his skin! Daniel failed his arms, scratching at his chest to get the costume off. It was all in vain, Daniel soon felt the weird wet rubber resting on his skin, as the last of his clothes disappeared.
“The next part is a tad painful. Try to bear it.” Her voice, her soft, relaxing voice. Echoed in his head, but was far from enough to stopped the fear making his mind scream. Then came the pain.
“Emf.” Daniel shouted as his veins felt like they ran with lightening instead of blood. The suit pulled his feet into the shape of paws. He could feel the lost of each toe, reshaping and reforming. The same went for his fingers. Dropping to his knees, no dropping onto all fours. Daniel felt his groin tightening and pinch with the costume ever shrinking in that area.
“Being a female will suit you much better.” Her voice echoed in the distance, Daniel souls cried. He couldn't feel his face to cry. His manhood popped with searing pain, and he felt his insides shift to had something more. Something that no man owned. “May your new life bring you happiness.” Her voice chimed off like the tinkle of the fairy chime.
“Your new life will have many choices. Be it darkness or the light. That is all up to you now.” Daniel's mind faded, no longer able to bear with the pain, his only hope his that he would wake up and it all be a dream.

Written by psto1464 on 18 January 2020

Jungle City- Macon

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