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One of the smaller pups raised their hand, it was a young King Charles Spaniel, much smaller than the rest of them, and with huge round glasses nearly the size of their tiny head; still, they were sized appropriately for the wondrous orbs eagerly pleading for you in a silent gaze to choose them.
Another one of your new students was a much more round-bodied bulldog, waving their hands frantically. The space the creature took up was much larger than those around them, despite this their tiny body was still dwarfed by your fully grown canine likeness. It was almost cute the way their rounded face lit up with anticipation; you were even able to hear the deep ‘hurring’ in their voice as they hummed gently in an attempt to capture your attention.
One final student raised their hand at the very end just as you began to decide who you were going to choose. It was much harder to see this one’s face as they kept their head down, but that only made you even more curious about this student. Their dark auburn fur glowed with dark reddish highlights, and their long wavy ears fell onto their shoulders.
“Go ahead little…” You hesitated, waiting for them to introduce themselves. With wide eyes, the mysterious child watched you, clueless to what you were asking.

Written by DriftingDragon on 20 May 2021

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