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You waited for a moment, but they continued to stare at you with wide dark saucer-like eyes as the moments went by. Thoughts raced through your mind as the two of you remained entranced with each other in a staredown; other children around watched as the tension in the air became thick enough to cut with a knife.
Suddenly, you realize that maybe the young child didn’t know what to say. Apparently you didn’t know as well. Something about this situation seemed to really take a blow at your self esteem; something about it made you feel as if you were the child, learning from your higher ups and made to learn your lessons the hard way. Your throat choked up and you began to speak again.
“Hey… Uhh. Do you know the answer?” You thought it would be a good idea to show your physical comfort to the child by taking a quick step closer. Despite your newfound slender and femenine frame being much more small and motherly than your initial body, you didn’t expect the reaction you got from the child.
“Aah. Wait..” It came as a quiet huff under their voice as they took a quick step back; pupils were shrunk in anxiety, and you could see their tiny paws shaking as they held them slightly below their quivering lower lip.
“A-ahem.” a sharp voice rang out from behind you and it caused you to visibly jump. You turned around to see one of your higher ups standing by the doorway, watching you, with crossed arms. The look on their face wasn’t particularly happy, and you wondered how long they had been there watching you for.

Written by DriftingDragon on 23 May 2021

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