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It took you a while to realize that he didn’t know the answer. In that instant, you realized you had to come up with something new, something a bit easier for his young mindto process on a moment’s notice. With diligence, you vetted every possible question you could have asked the young child, and with confidence, you finally decided how to follow up.
“Uhh… Why don’t you introduce yourself little one!” You said in a motherly tone. Kindness rang out in your voice as you kneeled down to the young pup’s eye level, showing them you’re not a threat. Almost instantly, it was clear that the little pup was beginning to open up the way they brought their hands down to their sides and stood tall confidently to state their name.
“My name is Greyson!” The young little puppy said, wagging his tail as he waited for your reply.

Written by Driftingdragon on 27 June 2021

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