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Perhaps if the house has not changed the area outside has? Looking outside you see what used to be houses down the hill across the road has been replaced by a zoo. And not just any zoo but a large sized one. Also it seems like they are having a promotion to celebrate their grand opening.


Heading over you find that the entry is free for the first week, unfortunately most of the animals are yet to arrive. You also are handed a map and find out the hill is only the front of the zoo, the plains behind it also are now part of the zoo. There also seems to be an aquatic area, an aviary, and a reptile house. It seems this zoo will have every kind of animal imaginable, once they have arrived.


You ask the guide "What happened with the animals that has delayed them."


He sighs "Well we ran into some problems in our last location. People ended up missing and we got blamed, so the animals are still there while we set up here. Once we are settled, then we can move the animals here. What is your favorite animal by the way?"


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 18 July 2015

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