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"Tiger" you say and the guide nods " We did not have them in the previous location. "You can go behind the scenes and have a look at their habitat. Go up the hill and you should be able to see the tiger habitat."


You head up the hill and look over the zoo. Looking back you see your house and where the zoo has gone over your neighbourhood, it is almost like a patchwork quilt, some of the houses now zoo, while their neighbour is still a house.


The thought goes through your mind that this is quite strange but given this is a new reality you quickly put it out of your mind. The tiger area is nearby and so you head out and soon arrive.


The tiger pens are open and as the guide said , no tigers. A sign is up saying "behind the scenes tour , enter the pens." There are a number of doors, each one with a name above it.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 19 July 2015


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