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You head through the door under the name Sancho, having to get onto your hands to go through. You must of knocked something, because the moment you stand back up the door slides shut, blocking your way out.


The door through to the habitat though is open and you head out arrive in a jungle, no trace whatsoever of the zoo. You smile and try to get your bearings to head towards the wall.


You hear rustling in the bushes and you turn to see a zookeeper appearing out of what appears to be thin air. "How do you like the habitat? We have tried to make it as natural as possible, hiding all the observation points for the visitors." she says.


"It’s perfect. Plenty of jungle for me to hide in, a basking spot, and no way for me to even see the humans when they watch me its-what?" You shake your head. What on earth was that all about.


"Sounds like you are thinking like a tiger." she says grinning "Can you think like a tiger and find the way out?" she asks you.


You look at her curiously. "Um...I’m human. I’ll find my own way out thank you very much." You start to pat along the vine covered walls, looking in vain for the exit.


"The exit is not on this side. You have to cross the habitat. Find the animal trails and follow them to the exit." she says chuckling "This is the real point of these behind the scene tours, we want you to think about what the animals are thinking while they are in the zoo."


You look around critically. Finally you spot a dent in the dense underbrush, with an "Aha" you set off onto the trail.


You sense the zookeeper following you but no matter how hard you look you can not find any actual trace of her. However you soon arrive at a door and she is there waiting for you. "Congratulations, you have now found the exit." she says holding the door open for you. "When you look in the habitat on your way back out, please think about how different it looks from outside than inside. Think about home you felt."


You nod and head through the door and turn back to find a rock face , no trace of the door. You head around the rock and find yourself looking over the enclosure, despite the feeling of being hidden inside, from the outside you can see almost the entire area, the only things not seen are the tiger pens and the door outside. There you can also see many places that you want to explore if you get to go back. However from the sun you think you have spent nearly the entire day in there. For a moment you feel an urge to go back to the pens, like that is where you should sleep. But you also see your house back there, and your own bed.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 20 July 2015

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