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"Dolphin" you say to the zookeeper.


"Ah! We don?t have any of those yet. But if you?d like you can see the enclosure."


"Sure" you say "Is it nearby?"
She opens a door. "See for yourself. When you are ready to leave just say the word."


"Quite convenient" you say walking through "Do I have free run or only certain sections?"


"Free run of course! It will be your home after all." She says.


"What?" you say "Did you say it would be my home? What do you mean?"


She blinked. "I just misspoke. yes you have free run, let me know when you are ready to leave. Explore all you wish though."


You nod and look around , the lagoon seems a lot larger than every other enclosure. The viewing areas seem to be hidden, or perhaps you are just not looking in the right areas.


The water...the water looks so clear, so crystalline. Its a vibrant makes you want to swim.


You take off your shirt and dive in. The pool is just as clear underwater. You swim before surfacing and spot the zoo keeper on the shore waiting for you. "How many are you planning to house here?" you ask.


"Two for now. A male and a female. The male will be ready soon. The female will likely join him shortly after. We?ll expand later."

Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 12 September 2015

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