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“I can’t stay here, like this!” Your eyes drop instinctively to inspect over your current form. The white fur envelopes your entire body while black stripes break across overtop. The velveteen fuzz of it covers your fingertips and face entirely. When you look directly down, you stare at the swelling shape of your breasts heavy and bouncy atop your chest. Then, beneath, you spot your stomach sitting there.


“Am I really... Pregnant?” you wonder, placing a hand over your stomach. The idea of supporting life in there is a bit alien, you’d never thought about being in that position before. You shake your head, but then the memories from your last sleepless night come back. You think about how much danger you're leaving, abandoning whoever’s life you’ve stepped into and this world without a pilot or a mother, when their race is already dying out. You gulped, feeling a bit of hesitation catching at your mind.


“I already decided! A week is enough of time for me to help these people!” Yet your fingers still linger on the for-now smooth expanse of your stomach knowing the rules of these costumes: if pregnant, you change; the babies come with and change too.


“Would I be stealing Anyaka’s babies? Would they really be gone when she returned?” Though, even thinking that, you’re unsure if Anyaka would really return at all or if her species would survive that long.


Your head gives a sudden stiff shake, trying to break the circle of thoughts that had kept you up all night from starting again. “No! I have to change back! For a week, I will fight for them, with them, and I will do my best to better this world for this species, but the task of breeding to survive... that’s something they’ll just have to figure out. I can’t stay trapped like this for nine months, I can’t last that long. I can’t risk not getting back to myself.”


Your mind runs through it all again, working through the problem over and over until finally you realize you were right. You have to change back after one week is up because _______.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 10 May 2016

I Feel Terrible, But I Can't stay
Their Species Doesn't Matter

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