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“I’m changing back! These people don’t matter to me!” Your eyes dart across the battlefield, seeing the expanse of trees. “Maybe the way to change back is that way!” You twist away from the crowd, instead trying to skirt around the edge of the battlefield. You notice the commander, the one you’d spoken to on the ship.


“Anyaka! Where are you going?” he hollered, suddenly narrowing his eyes when you didn’t respond and just kept charging forward.


“Traitor!” he howled.


A sudden growl embedded out from the crowd in respond. A swarm of bright, yellowed eyes locked onto you.


“Traitor! She carries young!” he shouted, and a sudden mass broke from the battle. They grabbed your arms and legs all at once, without a second for you to swing the weapon. Then, a sudden jolt hit your head and everything went black.




“W-wha....” You blink your eyes, suddenly opening them up to see darkness around you. He go to sit, but realize straps cross over your body holding each limb down.


“You carry young.” A voice stated. “You cannot be allowed to leave. Our race must survive.”


Your eyes go even wider, unsure of what this statement means, but as that day bleeds away and the next begins in the same place- this time with a short break from the straps on one arm when a ration is plopped in front of you.


The next days is the same: wake up, straps tight on your frame, stale rations, sleep.


Then, those days become a week. Suddenly, a month has passed in that dark dungeon. Your stomach has begun to swell, though it’s not clear to the eye you can feel something inside of you. In a montage of darkness, your stomach continues to grow, finally showing a bulging as you verge on 70 days of pregnancy.


“They will be born soon,” a voice breaks through the never ending smear of the same existence. You blink, weakly coughing. “You can choose to stay and raise them and perhaps earn your place again with us, or you can choose to remain a traitor and leave us.”


“Leave?” you think, for a moment imagining just strutting away to find the way to change back.


“What is your choice?”


Written by Picklessauce69 on 12 May 2016


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