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I Feel Terrible, But I Can't stay emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

“I know it puts them at so much risk... there’s so many facets, but I just have to change back to myself and try to keep figuring this thing out!” you decided, just in time to suddenly hear someone calling your name again.


“Anyaka! Anyaka!” You turn to see the children, the flood of orphans the other tigress had been protecting all turn towards you now. They are shorter, able to dart hurriedly through the chaos of the battle field towards where you stand.


“Oh! No!” you think, eyes shooting open wide. “Don’t come to me!”


But, the children are all drawn to the other mother on the field, the comfort of another one of the few females. They all race towards where you stand, gathering up on all sides of you.


“For a week!” you remind yourself, “I will try to protect them!” With a sudden burst of energy, you throw yourself into the thrum of battle. The bone you wield as a weapon flies through the air, catching and piercing through on perfect strikes or simply clunking the attackers onto the ground. With each downed enemy, another takes it’s place.


The children still swarm behind you, murmuring and screaming in bursts, constantly demanding attention on all sides of their clumped group. Your eyes fly out over the field, searching for someplace safe for these children. Off to your side, the ship still sits with bodies thrumming all around it. “Is the ship still safe?” you wonder, “Has it been protected?” Even squinting, you can’t see a specific sign of the ship’s status.


Off to the opposite side, the beaten paths towards the main crop of building on this planet seem to sit; but wasn’t that where the attacks originated? You can’t remember exactly what everyone had told you about and you have no idea how you could find out.


Lastly, out across the swarming shape of the entire field of fighting bodies, there’s a part in the backdrop of the foliage of the planet. You have no idea what lies inside those woods, but maybe they’d be emptier than the other options.


“I have to move! But where?”


Written by Picklessauce69 on 11 May 2016

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