Of Wizards and Wolves: Tales of Transformation

Rating 3 / 5

Most of the transformation stories are in the end half.

Ignoring the non transformation stories, the first two stories re trnasformation as part of a retirment and a red riding hood wewolf.

The thrid story is the first intresting one. The best way of describing it is transforamtion for peace between wolves and humans

The next one is intresting in that it looks at the weaknesses of weres vs someone who is not

Born Male varient of the standard werwolf plot

Virtual reality in a dying world

Introduction to a series but no real conclusion

A willing wolf to human change and what happens when it starts to revert

The final one is an unique transformation that I dont think I have seen before.

OVerall some are intresting. Some are not transformation and some are not intresting

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