When Women Were Dragons

Rating 2 / 5

The idea is good but most of the transformation content happens in the last part (Except for a bit at the start).

The main part of the story is a girl growing up when women are opressed while some are able to turn permently change into a dragon

My main problem with the story is the first part of the story is very repetive in that she keeps on having the saem situation happen in she tries to do something and is pushed down. The characters other then her have no more defnetion then their role. Absent dad, stepmum, bad headmaster, good librarian

I did like how they handled the question about thouse who are trans. In one of the research papers they mention that some who are not women biolgicaly but still change. As research is suppresed we don't actually know if it only women as well, only what they observe

The most intresting part of the story is after the dragons comes back and the world starts to change. This however is only a few chapters and is very glossed over

Of Wizards and Wolves: Tales of Transformation Reviews Half A mimic

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