Chained Reflections

Rating 3 / 5

Unfortunately this squeal fails to live up to the first book.

Their are quite a few flaws in my opinion. The major one I feel is that very few of the major decisions are made by the main character. Instead they are mostly of the form 'We would like you to do this' or 'You will do this'.

The other major issue I have is the amount of time religion gets. Unlike in the first book it is not so easy to overlook. (again just my opinion)

(***Spoiler ahead***)

The major plot starts of with the judge ruling that she was not human and she gets sent to a breeding camp.

On the plus side her husband is their, negative the location is really not the best.

With help from the colonies all of the felines their are able to break out. On the way they meet up with the host parents of Shade(the original mind in the body).

With the scent memory being stored in the body and not the brain this causes quite a bit of confusion to her, because she keeps thinking of them as Mum and Dad.

Also with them are Shade's children. This also causes issues.

Back at the colony she has to deal with another one of the engineered people trying to organize a revolt.

This is complicated with his possession of a bioweapon.

Later in the book she ends up ambassador to the USA. This also causes conflict.

Their is also a new engineered race introduced.

One of the things I found interesting was China threatened to nuke the colony and I can not say they were in the wrong to do so.

(***End Spoiler***)

In the end this was a decent read but was not completely to my taste.

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