Gods & Dragons: 8 Fantasy Novels

Rating 3 / 5

This weeks review is slightly different then the others. Rather then one book this review is of a collection.

Unfortunately only one of the books has transformation in it. But for the 99c price of it it is not too bad a value for that one story.


The story starts in a village that has been surrounded by fog and all the adults are gone. This start however could easily be removed as we then travel into the future when the last of the people who remember the outside world dies.

We then travel with a group of three outside the mist and during the story we find out what is causing the mist

They are captured and one is thrown to a dragon.

In revenge the main character disguises herself as a guard and tries to kill the queen in charge.

The other goes back to the village to try and lead them out of the fog.


Their are a number of characters who transform into dragons in this book.


If the bundle is still available then it is a excellent deal to get all the stories.

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