The Face in the Mirror: a transhuman identity crisis (Reflections Book 1)

Rating 5 / 5

Disclaimer: This review is for a previous version of the book and is only posted for historical reasons. The new version has a much lower score

To start off with, this is one of the few books that have made me feel genuine emotion for the characters.

The blurb for the sequel alone has made me feel quite angry. (Although having now read it, not quite as angry)


A human guy is in a terrible accident and when he wakes up finds his brain has been transplanted into an engineered cat race, and a female one at that.

The first part of the book is mainly dealing with this change.

I think one of the most important part with regards to this is while she may have the body and picked up a few things from it inside she is still the old male human self. When she meets a male cat things get a little confusing for her.

The second part deals with the rights of the engineers creatures.

One moments of note with regards to this section is when she is attacked along with another genetically engendered race. Due to the other person being considered property and not a person , not getting away when the opportunity arose means self-defense is in question.

Their is a third part which is more a setup for the second book and is hard to talk about without spoiling some important moments.

As for the transformations, it is handled off-screen but this is one of the good after transformations stories.


Their are a few things that I did not like but that is due to my taste and not bad writing, and it is easy to skip over those parts.

These bad parts include references to god.(which do make sense in the context). Also sexual references but in one case I skipped over the sentence without realizing it. (And only realized when it was referenced in the next paragraph)

While I was reading it their was an interesting psychological effect. I was quite angry at the situation and it actually felt like I had claws.


A solid novel to start the trilogy, I hope I can get in the mood for the second and that the writer can get the third one soon.

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