Rising World

Rating 2 / 5

My biggest problem with the book is for most of the story you end up with a introduction to the problem/invention , a bit of exploration of it and then it has very little more exploration

For instance the invention of the bicycle is explained with a bit of explanation of the choices. Then their is no more mention. This also applies to the pinball machine

Transformation wise other then a single chapter in the middle their is no difference with the MC getting knowledge downloaded into their brains.

As this is a LitRPG story I also have to look at the stats. Here they have quite a bit of effect without the overload of character stat screens. But as this is only a minor part it cannot overcome the weakness of the other segmenets

Overall what I think should of been done is to focus on the main story and cut out a lot of the other details. Needless to day this is not one I can recomend

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