Form: Taur to Full Species: Tiger to Raptor

Not sure how to describe this. You are no longer a tiger. You are also no longer a taur. You have fully transformed into a raptor.


Species: Human to Raptor

Suddenly, a tail shoots out of your back, with feathers growing out of it. Sickle-shaped claws shred your shoes to oblivion, and your hands turn into three-fingered claws. A muzzle filled with sharp teeth protrudes from your face as your hair turns to feathers, completing your transformation into a raptor.


Form: % to Anthro Species: Otter to Dragon (Eastern) Gender: Female

A long dragon, the kind from China or Japan, quickly streaks across the mirror in front of you.

Your otter body suddenly tingles with a rush of new changes. Your fur becomes beautiful white silly stuff with a rush of feathers growing from the top of your head, down your spine, and culminating in a tuft of feathers on the tip of your tail. A pair of horns grows atop your head. A short pair of barbel-like whiskers sprouts from your muzzle as it reshapes itself. All the fur on your hands, feet, forearms and calves disappears, replaced with scales. The webbing on your paws vanishes too.

You look over your new form. You're a bit disappointed that you aren't male again. But hey! You're an anthro DRAGON girl! There are worse species out there!


Form: % to Anthro Species: % to Butterfly

How the heck do you become an anthro butterfly? Whatever. You are an anthro butterfly now.


Age: % to %S Colour: % to %S DigimonFamily: % to %S Form: % to %S Gender: % to %S Mechanization: % to %S Pregnant: % to %S Species: % to Cerberus Spirit: % to %S Substance: % to %S Toon: % to %S Clothing: % to %S Modification: % to %S Winged: % to %S DigimonLevel: % to %S Tails: % to %S Pouched: % to %S Heads: % to 3 Height: % to %S Diapered: % to %S Toy: % to %S

You gain an extra two heads, one on either side of your original. Your body take on a canine form. Sadly, nothing else changes.


Form: % to Anthro Species: % to Horse Heads: 3 to Normal

Your two extra heads disappear and your fur begins changing to a chestnut color. Your head takes on an equine form and you gain a mane. Your hands become partially numb, three fingered, hooves and your feet harden also into hooves. Your tail changes and you have become a horse.


Winged: % to No Species: Human

Nothing happens because you lose what you never had.


Species: Rat to Cat Clothing: % to Collar

A collar clasps itself around your neck and you begin to change. Your face becomes feline and your ears, pointed. Your tail grows fur and you are now a cat.


Form: % to Anthro Gender: Male to Female Species: Kangaroo to Otter

In the mirror, you see an attractive otter woman.

Suddenly, you feel a tingling sensation throughout your entire body. Your giant feet retract into digitigrade, webbed feet. Your muzzle and ears shorten. The colour of your fur darkens. The only part of your body that remains similar to your old kangaroo form is your tail, still thick and muscular.

No sooner have you become an anthropomorphic otter then another wave of tingling shakes across your body. A pair of breasts develops, and feeling 'down below' confirms that your transformation into an anthropomorphic otter woman is complete.


Form: Anthro to Full Species: % to Raccoon

You suddenly fall forward, your body is overtaken by fur.

Spinning around, you figure out you are now a Raccoon.


Species: Deer to Otter Form: Taur

Your legs start to feel kind of different... well, as different as it can get when they're already not the same species as your body. Your hooves push out into claws while your legs become slightly less graceful, grey fur growing over brown. As soon as the grey fur reaches your chest and back, your puffy deer tail elongates into a longer appendage, one that you guess is a bit easier to maneuver. the grey fur grows up your torso and out to your arms and hands as your elongated muzzle pushes back a bit, your antlers recede into your head, and your deerling ears shrink into the stubby ears of an otter.


Form: % to sphinx Gender: % to Female Species: % to Sphinx

You feel a ferociousness building in your chest, becoming so powerful as if you feel it trying to escape. A large burst of energy waves through you, and the feeling from before fades away. You can feel the power coursing through your blood, and as you start walking again, you glance at your now yellowish-beige colored fur. You've changed into a sphinx lioness! You grumpily snarl, as if to further show your desire to escape...


Species: Tiger to Dragon (Eastern) Form: Quadraped Tails: 9 times normal count

You carefully reach out a paw and touch the mirror before you and start to feel a strange sensation in your back as it begins to stretch out to 3 times it's current length. At the same time the fur on your paws begins to fall off, being replaced with scales.

Your face and neck begin to elongate with your back and your tails get longer and thicker at the base. Your paws begin to reshape into claws and your legs shorten.

As the scales reach your neck you find that the fur isn't falling off but instead gets longer like a mane. You also notice that your neck connects smoothly with your body as it is now all rounded except for your legs poking out. You notice that, as with your neck, the fur on your tails gets longer.

Once the change seems to have finished a quick inspection confirms that you are now an Eastern dragon.


Form: AnimalTaur to Full Species: % to Wolf

You trip over your legs as you enter the room, plowing face-first through yet another blasted mirror, which mercifully appears to be incorporeal. However, when you try to pick yourself up, you suddenly notice soemthing about your hands. That is, they aren't there anymore. Along with the rest of your humanoid upper body. Stil a bit sore from the impact, you turn around to examine your reflection, which has changed to that of a wolf. Great. You're missing your fingers already...


Clothing: % to (No Seams)Fursuit(of current status) with normal human of your opposite gender inside Form: Taur Gender: Male Pregnant: Pregnant:Only if Female Species: Dragon

As you progress through the maze you begin to feel your form feel more and more like a costume as you feel a female body form inside of it, and the human belly grow a bit signifying your pregnancy you had. When you stop in front of a mirror and take a look, you see yourself as a fursuit of your dragontaur form.

You then begin to look around for your next path...


Form: Anthro to Sphinx Species: % to Lion Winged: % to No

As you walk down the corridor you suddenly begin to hear a tremendous creacking noise. Suddenly dropping onto your arms (which are starting to become legs) you look back to see your hindquarters becoming that of a lion.

Your face however regardless of previous form is human now.

You sigh finding a mirror and gazing at the wingless sphinx you had become.

After a minute of wishing you could be human again, you slowly plod off.


Tails: 2 to 5 tails if not human

3 more tails grow out of you.


Toon: to No

Nothing changes.


Species: Brown bear to % Tails: % to 9 Fox Tails

As you lumber into the room, you feel an odd sensation at the base of your spine. Using a convenient mirror to get a better look, you watch as your tiny nub of a tail seems to almost blossom into nine tails that would be more fitting on a fox.

Well then. Makes about as much sense as anything else you've seen today.


Colour: Pink to

You feel the Pink draining from you as you return to your normal colors.


Heads: 3 to 1 Species: Moose

Two of your heads wither away.


Toon: No to Yes Gender: Female Species: Fox

You suddenly find an odd sort of mirror - if it can even be called that. It looks more like a rolling film. In this film is a cartoon vixen that resembles a cartoon version of your current form (you can tell it's a vixen because of its highlighted eyelashes). It seems to react to whatever you do. When you raise a paw, it raises a paw. When you turn your head, the vixen turns her head.

Suddenly, the "film-mirror" falls right onto you. You suddenly feel as though you've been flattened like a pancake. You gradually crawl out from under the "mirror" and as you stand up, you find that you actually HAVE been flattened!

Soon, however, you pop back into three dimensions - or have you?

A look at your now-simplified paws reveals a black outline surrounding them, as well as your muzzle. As you look over yourself, you find that your colors are now bolder, more neon almost. You look like that same vixen, as though it had walked right out of a cartoon.

"If I'm lucky, I'll find some toon dynamite to BLOW my way out of this stupid maze!" you think darkly as an animated dark storm cloud of comedic frustration forms over your head.


Form: % to Anthro Species: % to Owl

Feathers erupt from your skin as your teeth harden and push out of your mouth, forming beaks. Your eyes get larger and lock into place. You feel a pain in your limbs as your legs become those of an owl, and your arms become a mixture of wing and arm. You are now an anthro owl.


Gender: Herm to Male Clothing: % to naked except for pink panties and pink padded bra

Your breasts shrink down and flatten against your chest, leaving you as a him.... Hold on, what’s with your clothes? You are now wearing malfitting pink female undergarments, panties and bra. Nothing else.


Form: Anthro to AnimalTaur Species: Human to Lion


Clothing: none to

Clothes reappear on your body. Nice.


Clothing: % to (No Seams)Fursuit(of current status) with normal human of your current gender inside

You feel an intense itchy feeling as your fur/scales started to become more soft. You felt it... Are your turning into a plush!? No... you feel something on you, like clothes. You realize you are now stuck in a fursuit of what you were before this.


Form: Anthro to Full DigimonFamily: Renamon DigimonLevel: Rookie

... Nothing happens.


Tails: 2 to 5 tails if not human Species: Human


Species: % to Otter

Fur erupts from around you, and an rudder tail forms at the base of your spine, a small muzzle forms with whiskers as your hands become webbed.

your now an otter


Form: % to Full Species: % to Racoon

You look into a magic mirror. A racoon... Oops. You are hit with magic. When it dissipates, you are a feral racoon.


Tails: % to 9 Skunk tails

A skunk tail pops out of your rump... then another... then another. This continues until there are nine skunk tails.


Colour: Blue to Form: Anthro Pregnant: Yes Tails: 9 times normal count

You touch the mirror in the hopes of it taking your pregnancy away but instead you notice the blue from your fur getting sucked into the mirror and are now a normal (relatively speaking) pregnant anthro fox... Aside from the 9 tails that is.


Species: % to Bat Form: Reverse Satyr

Your upper half changes into that of a bat, with fangs, wings, and all of the other apparatus. At least now you no longer need light to navigate.


Species: Tiger to Horse Form: Reverse Satyr

Once again, your upper half changes. You lose the fierce, strong tiger and gain a new equine form. At least that's all that happened.


Pouched: % to No Species: Tiger

Nothing happens.


Form: % to Sphinx Gender: % to Female Species: % to Lion

You rapidly gain muscle as you shift into a quadrupedal stance. You gain a feline grace; however, your face feels...normal. Not normal for this maze, but more like what you felt like before you came into this accursed place. You look into the nearby mirror to see that you have the body of a lioness and the head of a woman: you are a sphinx.


Clothing: % to Naked except for a horse bridle and saddle Mechanization: Yes

Suddenly, in an exceedingly logical series of events, a saddle falls on you. Luckily you are both made of steel and small enough to avoid being crushed. As you crawl out from under it you see a much smaller one, with a note attached apologizing for the size issue. well, may as well put it on.


Species: Deer to Snake Form: Taur

As you enter yet another dead end, your elbow starts itching.

A lot.

You attempt to scratch it, only for the itch to get even worse. You intensify your efforts, not noticing that your fur has started to peel off of your arm. The itching spreads, and so does your scratching. You redouble your efforts. Amidst your craze you notice that the area that has begun to peel seems to have stopped itching. In an effort to win this battle against your own body's irritating sensations, you continue scratching at the surrounding patches of fur until you have managed to peel off your entire pelt, discarding it behind you.

Now that you are no longer being driven mad by itchiness, you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and suddenly realize something: You just shed your skin like a snake. So much like a snake, in fact, that you appear to be one. Kind of. You still have your four legs and two arms...

You glance at your shed skin next to you and shudder. Gonna have trouble sleeping tonight. Assuming you can get out of here.


Form: Full to Anthro Gender: Male to Female Species: Snake

You look in the mirror and suddenly you grow. You feel clothes reappearing on your body and feel yourself regaining arms and legs. You are glad to be returning to your old form...

...until you realize you aren't.

Your snake-scales remain all over your body. Your snake-head remains at the end of a long, flexible neck, and a long tail continues to flow from your pants.

Additionally, you now sport a pair of breasts in front of you, and the sensations down below confirm that not only are you a snake with legs, you are a FEMALE snake with legs!



Colour: Pink to Species: Raptor

As you enter, a bucket of water falls from.. somewhere... and washes the pinkness from your scales.


Height: % to 6 inches

You see yet another mirror, but this time, it appears to be warped, like a mirror in a funhouse. In a flash of light, you shift to its proportions, shrinking to about 6 inches tall. How you are going to get out of this, I have no clue.


Spirit: Yes to No

As you walk, your body loses its etherealness and returns to the material world.


Form: Anthro to Full Gender: Female Species: Tiger

You feel your back crack and your arms morph into tiger paws as your clothes disappear and you turn from female anthro tiger into a regular female tiger.


Species: Snake to Dragon (Eastern)

Another choice... another wrong turn... another transformation.

This one seems to be mild compared to some of the others. The mirror shows a tuft of... -fur? hair?- going down your back (whch seems a bit longer), along with a majestic pair of horns and what you can only describe as the most impressive mustache you've ever laid eyes on. As you twirl it absentmindedly with your fingr you notice you have claws now too.

Well then.


Gender: % to Female Species: % to Rayquaza

A strange light emerges you after you touch the mirror.

Your former legs start to merge and lengthen to something that looks like a snakes tail. Your skin starts to get covered by green scales. Your ears feel funny, they start to grow and deform.

Another look in the mirror reveals:

You are a female Rayquaza now!


Winged: No to Species: Tiger

You bump into yet another mirror. It seems that nothing has happened, but you cannot be too sure in this cursed place