Age: % to %s Colour: % to %s DigimonFamily: % to %s Form: % to %s Gender: % to %s Mechanization: % to %s Pregnant: % to %s Species: % to %s Spirit: % to %s Substance: % to %s Toon: % to %s

You see that somebody has written in the mirror \\\"THE CAKE IS A LIE\\\" shortly before the mirror cracks and falls away, revealing a wall.

\\\"Strange\\\" you mutter before continuing on.

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Form: % to Full Species: Human to Dragon (Eastern)

You glance in the mirror. Looking back at you is a majestic oriental dragon. You suddenly feel as if your torso is being stretched like a piece of taffy and scales begin to develop all over your body. Your fingers and toes gain claws as you rapidly become too large for your clothes. A scaled tail with a feathery tuft extends from your posterior. As your neck extends, your head grows a draconian muzzle and horns extend from your skull.

As you are forced on all fours you wonder how the maze can support anything of your size. The changes are completed when two reptilian "whiskers" extend from your upper lip.

You glance over your new form. With the extensions of your body and neck and the addition of a tail, you must be well over twenty feet long! In spite of your quadrupedal stance, you can still use your thumbs, and you think you can actually get used to this new eastern dragon body.

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Age: Adult(21 Human years old) to Teenager (17 human years) Form: Full to Anthro Species: Human to Dolphin

You feel yourself shrinking just a little bit, as your toes begin merging together. Your nose vanishes for a while before reappearing on the back of your head just above your neck. Your mouth extends in a muzzle as a thick, muscular tail bursts out of your posterior. As the tail gains flukes and your skin shifts to a grey colour, you realize that you have become a roughly 17-year-old anthropomorphic dolphin.

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Age: % to Teenager (17 human years) Form: % to Anthro Species: Ooze to Tiger

You suddenly feel yourself getting sucked down a grate and into a mold of some sort. The mold begins to cool down until you freeze right up, the mold splits in half and you are coated with some sort of liquid that restores you to a shape of flesh and blood. However, this time, it is in the form of a 17-year-old anthropomorphic tiger. Twitching your tail, you remark that it feels good to be solid.

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Form: Full to AnimalTaur Species: Fox

You suddenly feel a pair of arms grasping your forepaws and hindpaws. The two arms proceed to stretch you like a piece of taffy. With the pain you feel from the stretching you fail to realize that your body is increasing in size and a second pair of limbs is extending from your torso. As your hands make the shift to a humanoid form, the claws release you and you land on your hindpaws and the new pair of forelegs. You feel unsteady in your new tauric fox form but you walk as best you can.

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Age: Child(7 Human years old) to Teenager(16 Human years old)

You suddenly feel a headache and realize that you have aged up. You now seem to be a teenager (roughly sixteen human years)

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Age: % to Adult(21 Human years old) Form: Taur to Anthro Gender: % to Male Species: % to Kitsune

You glance at the mirror. Looking back at you is a form that looks almost exactly like your old human form, only with the form of a nine-tailed fox mixed in. You blink and get a brief but splitting headache. When you open your eyes, you are the anthropomorphic male kitsune you saw in the mirror, and the mirror has vanished, revealing a wall behind it. Swishing your tails back and forth, you are glad to have your old age back and not have to deal with the extra pair of limbs.

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Age: % to %s Colour: % to Green DigimonFamily: % to %s Form: % to %s Gender: % to %s Mechanization: % to %s Pregnant: % to %s Species: % to %s Spirit: % to %s Substance: % to %s Toon: % to %s Clothing: % to %s Modification: % to %s Winged: % to %s DigimonLevel: % to %s Tails: % to %s Pouched: % to %s Heads: % to %s Height: % to %s Diapered: % to %s

You crash into what appears to be a mirror, but instead it crashes. The crash triggers vibrations from above and a some sort of green slimy substance drop onto you. You writhe for a while, but most of the slime flows into a grate at the centre of the room. The slime that remains on your body completely covers you before it flows off down the grate. You realize that the only changes incurred was to turn the colour of your fur the same shade of green that the slime was.

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Pouched: % to Only if Female or Herm Gender: Female Pregnant: Only if Female or Herm


Gender: % to Female Species: % to Kitsune

Whoa! That was close. You almost walked into another one of those magic mirrors! Wait just one minute... is that... is that a kitsune?! You've heard legends and myths about them and their power granted by their extra tails, but not once, not even after getting caught in multiple magic mirrors, did you ever think you'd see one in real life! And now you have the chance to actually BE one! With NINE TAILS too! (Not to be confused with League of Legends) Knowing for a fact you'd be far more powerful as a kitsune, you eagerly step through the magic mirror. After you change, you turn to the wall and look into a non-magic mirror at yourself.

You easily note your newest additions, the nine fox tails. Looking closer, you find your fur coat to be a blend of shining gold and a crimson that gives off a demonic aura. You remember something about those being specific to good and malevolent kistunes respectively, so you wonder why you have both. After a moment, you just assume it's because you haven't really spent much time as a kitsune and you haven't really established a karmic reputation yet.

"Maybe I can try out my new powers!" You think excitedly. You close your eyes and focus for a moment, but as you begin to feel your power surfacing, it's suddenly shoved painfully back by an intruding force. You yelp from pain and look around in scared confusion, wondering what just happened. Seeing nothing, you try to sense what's around you.


HOLY MOTHER OF [enter light year length of holy profanities]

As soon as you open your senses, you are shocked speechless by the almost solid mass of Dark Illusion and Suppression magic surrounding you. You'd planned on trying to block out the oppressing force, but doing that is like trying to breathe at the bottom of the ocean. With this much dark magic counteracting yours, you see no way in hell of being able to use your new powers in this maze. Until you get out or you change again, you're just an ordinary vixen!

Now, with newly refueled ambitions, you take off full speed to the next room, wanting more than ever to be free of this torment!

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Form: % to Anthro Gender: % to Female Pregnant: % to Only if Female or Herm Species: % to Tiger

You are caught off guard as you walk through another one of those mirrors of change, and curse as you wonder what will become of you this time. You watch for any slight change in one of your true reflections, seeing as you'd shattered the mirror of change passing through it, but you fail to see anything different about yourself. Ugh! This hunger must be driving me insane! I'm getting paranoid over every single surface I touch! When I get out of here, I think I'll see about getting my, paws, You correct yourself, remembering your tigress form once again, on some nice, juicy steak! Honestly, you ate not that long ago after making camp and eating a ration of food you'd packed, but you have forgotten all about it with the frustration of navigating this maze without changing too terribly much. Now you craved the juiciest meat there ever was, and you don't care how you get it, cooked or raw. Your feline body is tolerant to raw meat, so it didn't matter how you got your meat, but being a Tigress, the mere thought of eating any kind of plant sickens you, so you made sure to hide all of your fruit and vegetable rations deep in your pack once you'd changed.

Suddenly, stooping about a few rooms away from the supposed "false trap" wondering why you were thinking of food so much, when just earlier, food was about the last thing on your mind. You did a little introspection, and realize you felt a slight bit heavier than you had been mere minutes ago. You checked the mirrors again for any differences between before you hit that mirror earlier and now. It wouldn't have been easy to spot anything as a guy, but as a girl who's feminine nature demands a perfect look, the difference could be seen in less than two minutes. Your stomach has slightly grown in girth.

Now, you became suspicious of that mirror's effects. You stood still, waiting with your breath held to see if any changes would occur. Not seeing any changes what-so-ever, you continued to the next room, keeping an eye on your reflection's stomach as you went on. Only when you reached the next room did you see your stomach grow another size.

So with each room, my stomach grows? What kind of effect is that? Although with those cravings, and my thoughts turning to food earlier... \"SHIT!! I'M PREGNANT!!\" You shout, finally piecing it all together. And with each room you pass through, the pregnancy progresses. That means... unless you want to give birth in this maze, you'd better hurry up and get the heck out of here! But maybe I'll have another on of my beef rations - Wait, NO! I have to get out of here! I just can't let my kids out in as dark and dangerous a place as this! With your mind made up, you begin heading to where - you hope - was the way out.


Species: Fox to Dragon (Eastern) Form: Full

In the mirror, you see a proud-looking eastern dragon. Suddenly, your vulpine body falls over as you feel like your body is being stretched out like a piece of taffy.

Your fur is replaced with scales as your forepaws develop more useful digits. Horns extend from your head, as well as a pair of tendrils that resemble a moustache.

By this point, your body has stretched out into a more serpentine form.

By the time your transformation into an eastern dragon is complete, you are at least twenty feet long.


Form: Full to Anthro Gender: Male to Female Species: Deer to Tiger

Wait! Paws???


Height: % to 6 inches


Form: % to Sphinx Gender: Male to Female Pregnant: to Yes Species: % to Fox Winged: to Yes

So far so good you think as you try your best to navigate the maze. Suddenly you hit a mirror. You watch in the mirror as your reflection grows wings. You see a fox tail shoot out of your pants and fur growing everywhere. You feel a strange sensation as the fur reaches your crotch, and the color drains from your face as you realize what\'s going on down there. You reach down, only to confirm what you already know is there, or rather, what's not there. As the fur continues, you find yourself unable to stand up any longer, forced onto all fours as your hands and feet become paws. Strangely, the fur doesn't continue past your neck, but at the moment that doesn't even cross your mind. What does is the strange feeling you feel inside of you, like new life sparking into existence.

"SON OF A BITCH!" you shout as you see your stomach expand with your new pregnancy. You realize with a start that your voice sounds like that of a woman. Then your hair falls in your face. Shaking your hair off, you look into the mirror and see just what you've become.

You are now a Winged, Pregnant, Vixen Sphinx.


Modification: % to Scaled

You see a puddle in your way, the liquid unrecognizable. As you approach however the liquid suddenly shoots up at you, wrapping itself around your body until you are covered. As the liquid hardens you feel your skin/fur start to itch slightly. Unable to resist you begin scratching, seeing the liquid coming off as you do. While you scratch you get carried away, unaware that you skin/fur has changed. Once you have finally finished scratch you can now see that you are covered in scales.


Age: % to Adult(21 Human years old) Form: % to Anthro Species: Human to Rayquaza Gender: Female

As you walk through the seemingly endless maze, you find yourself in front of a mirror. As you watch, your reflection begins to transform. Your skin slowly turns a shade of green and hardens into armor. Your fingers merge together to form three pointed claws. You wince in pain as a tail erupts from your spine and grows out to a long length. Inside your mouth, your teeth sharpen into points, and your face elongates itself. You have become an anthro Rayquaza.

But the changes aren't finished. Your hair, turning a light green, elongates and falls in curls down your shoulders. From your chest, a tingling feeling arises. To your shock, your breasts grow a few cup sizes, making the change happy to you. With a little skip in your step, you leave.


Form: % to Anthro Gender: Male to Female Species: % to Rayquaza

As you walk into the room, you notice a mirror. The reflection was of a anthro Rayquaza, a female one to be exact. When you try to get a closer look to make sure your eyes are not deceiving you, you feel a sudden hardening on your skin. You look and you see that your becoming the same as the reflection!

And to add too that, you feel a sudden swelling on your chest. Fearing to look, you see that you now have a nice pair of breasts. And your clothes changed to match the whole scheme of being a female anthro Rayquaza. And a cute one too.


Substance: % to Wood

As you bump it a mirror, you noticed its frame was wood. Then you noticed you are now wood.


Age: Adult(21 Human years old) to Teenager(16 Human years old) Species: Dragon

As you hit the mirror, you notice that you look shorter and younger, even for a dragon. Then you noticed that you are eye level with the reflection! You are now about equivalent to sixteen human years old.


Form: Anthro to Sphinx Gender: % to Female Species: Human to Tiger

You get up onto all fours panting, looking over your red and black furred self, tiger stripes all over your back and legs now, and your tail... yep, you grew a tail too, long and well kept for now. Spying some nearby water you wander over somewhat uneasily on your new four legs, taking a moment to get used to the gait. Looking in the crystalline waters you see your face is more or less the same, your nose is somewhat like a cats though, as well as your ears. Looks like you're a sphinx now! And looking at your somewhat distended belly and the six teats running along it a female and a mother too! oh dear.


Form: Anthro to Sphinx Gender: % to Female Species: Human to Lion

You get up onto all fours panting, looking over your golden furred self and your tail... yep, you grew a tail too, long and well kept for now. Spying some nearby water you wander over somewhat uneasily on your new four legs, taking a moment to get used to the gait. Looking in the crystalline waters you see your face is more or less the same, your nose is somewhat like a cats though, as well as your ears. Looks like you\'re a sphinx now! And looking at your somewhat distended belly and the six teats running along it a female and a mother too! oh dear.


Age: % to %s Form: Taur to Anthro Gender: Male to Female Species: Deer to Rayquaza

As you struggle to get used to the new body, you trip into a mirror. The mirror does not fall on you, but what you see in it is a Rayquaza, an anthro one at that, about your current age. Before you know it, green scales cover your body. Your deer tail and rear legs merge into the standard long green tail of a Rayquaza, shorter than normal for you are both younger and an anthro version of one. Your fingers merge into three claws and your nails the tips.

Then you notice the fact that it is a GIRL Rayquaza, and you feel your manhood go away, replaced with that of a girl\'s. Then you leave the room, the change complete.


Form: % to Anthro Species: Rayquaza to Dragon Gender: Female

As you step into the room, not noticing the mirror, you walk into the mirror, you see a black anthro-dragoness, which is no surprise for you are already a dragon of sorts. But the black is new. And then you realize that what is in the mirror is not what you are now.

What happened is that first your scales changed color from green to black, then you changed from a Rayquaza to a more typical dragon, anthro form still, and wings sprouted from you back. The new appendages foreign to you, you don't know how to use them. And then you leave the room, but your breasts yet again increase in size, but only one cup-size this time. Yet again with a skip in your step, you leave.


Form: % to AnimalTaur Species: Human to Kangaroo

As you walk into the room you notice a large mirror decorated with kangaroos. Feeling particularly vain you wander over to it and check yourself out. You at first think there must be something wrong with it as it showed your skin looking rather rough however at closer inspection you can see fur slowly growing in the image!

Checking your skin you can indeed feel fur growing from your skin, coating you in a ruddy red coat! The changes don't stop there however as your face starts to extend, a muzzle growing slowly while your ears move atop your head, extending upwards and fanning out at the tips before they finally rest comfortably once more.

You can't help but reach up a little to feel them, noticing your hands have turned into paws! The claws on the end don't look too dangerous at least although you'll have to be careful with them.

You find yourself collapsing after a moment, your legs morphing and changing with a mildly unpleasant ache, once it's over however you have two rather springy hind legs and two large forelegs, not nearly as big as your massive hindlegs but noticeably bigger than the ones attached to your upper torso. As you look over your new kangaroo self the mirror suddenly cracks, shattering as the glass falls to the ground.


Gender: Male to Female Pregnant: % to Yes Species: Polar Bear to Dragonspawn Toon: % to Yes

You wander into a room that looks much like a stone dungeon, although something catches your eye. There's a pile of gold in the middle of the room!

You waste no time in clambering on top, groaning as you lay across the cool metal. As you lay there you feel yourself growing... cold. You're fur starts to shed in itchy clumps as your scratch, finding scales growing underneath!

As Your form shifts and adjusts, getting sleek and feminine in appearance while your sheath vanishes into your body, replaced by a sleek and almost invisible slit. Your chest shows a little development too, slight orbs growing and getting covered in tiny, fine scales. Once you manage to get the strength to get up you notice you have become a dragonspawn, a very feminine one at that!

The changes don't stop there ether, your rump is exaggeratedly wide and plump, and your wings have become small, adorable vestigial wings with spikes at the tips. Your red scales at least look nice in the light, if a bit too shiny to be real.


Gender: Male to Female Species: Kangaroo

As you wander into the room you notice a plate on a table, the plater has a small vegetable on it that smells surprisingly sweet. It does feel like ages since you last ate so you grab the delicious looking vegetable and wolf it down in a few bites.

After a moment you find yourself groaning and clutching your groin though, something changing inside you, a quick check finds your kangaroo testes having vanished, and more alarmingly you find that you have grown a pouch! The fleshy pocket looks quite stretchy, although your inexperience causes you to clench the opening in apprehension.

You have a feeling you'll be avoiding any more strange food if you can help it in future.


Gender: % to Female Pregnant: to Yes Species: Kangaroo to Fox Toon: % to Yes Winged: to Yes

Wandering into the room you find yourself looking upon a bed that is low to the ground and rather inviting, you can't help but lay down on the sun yellow sheets. Just laying there you feel warmer an relaxed, not noticing as more changes start to overtake your body.

Your legs and body ache softly as they start to change, your lower body becoming more feline like, sleek and springy and feeling like you could get anywhere. Your head starts to change subtly, ears becoming more triangular while your fur takes on a dirty sandy colour.

You feel your more vulpine snout and give a huff, something felt off though... After a moment there's a sound above you like a chain breaking, another mirror! You find youself still getting used to your body though and can't move to avoid it, however instead of it shattering on your head and hurting you it bounces off in a loony fashion.

It suddenly dawns on you, great jumping jeepers! You're a toon! Becoming all toony wasn't the only difference ether, along with the exaggerated features (including two oversized breasts and some rather too well defined teats on your belly as well as a rather large rump.).

Getting up after a moment you feel something fall over your back, shocking you and making you jump, further inspection shows you have in fact grown two feathery wings! They're the same sandy colour as the rest of you too!


Age: % to Child(7 Human years old) Gender: % to Female Species: % to Pikachu Toon: % to Yes Tails: 9 times normal count Height: 9 feet

As you walk into the room you see the mirror, but without thinking one of your many tails bump into it. You feel a change, an electrifying one, and you see that your changing into a Pikachu, and from the shape at the end of each of you tails, a female one.

You feel you self getting younger, but no shorter as you still are 9 feet tall, and the toon look you have makes it look more like the show, though the fact that you have nine times as many tails as normal offsets that.

With an involuntary thunderbolt you leave.


Form: Anthro to Full Gender: Female Species: Rayquaza

As you walk into the room,you feel a change in your body. You notice you legs merging with your tail, elongating the tail in the process, and you can now fly easily because of it. you have became a full Rayquaza, a female still, though.


Age: Adult(21 Human years old) to Child(8 years old) Form: Full to Anthro Gender: Male to Female Species: Human to Fox

So far you've managed to navigate the maze without any mishaps. That changes quickly when you trip on a stone and come into contact with a mirror. However, you realize this is no ordinary mirror. Within, a young looking fox girl giggles at you as you stare dumbly at her. You hardly realize what just happened until you hear the sounds of bone snapping behind you, and feel a tail waving around.

Quickly, you get up and look away from the mirror, but it's too late. The change is already complete. You inspect yourself for any remnant of your old body, but find nothing. You have nothing but your mind left of you. And your 8-year old vixen body. You look back at the mirror, but now it's just a plain old wall. Upset that you'll have to go through puberty again in the wrong sex, you dash away, instinctively on all fours, despite the fact you don't need to.


Age: Child(7 Human years old) to Teenager(16 Human years old) Gender: % to Female

You find an older version of your current form and jump at the chance to be older once again. Touching the mirror, you instantly begin to grow, progressing through ages in a mere second.

Once the change is complete, you find you now have breasts, but who cares! You're older now! You joyously carry on, even singing a merry tune at your small victory.


Gender: Male to % Species: Human to Tiger Form: Full

You suddenly feel your chest barreling out as fur covers your body. A tail shoots out of your spine as your clothes are torn to shreds. Your hands and feet quickly shift into paws. No sooner has that been done than you are forced into a quadrupedal position. Your face stretches into a feline muzzle.

You look in the mirror. There stands a tiger.

The mirror breaks. You press on.


Form: % to Anthro Species: % to Fox Substance: % to Rubber

You look at your reflection in the mirror. You find that you look a good deal shinier than you remember. You suddenly glance at yourself. Your fur is gone. You are now made of that shiny substance, only colored like a fox.

On a whim, you place your hand on the ground and your paw on your hand. You try standing up straight. You manage to do so, and as you stand up, your arm stretches past its original length.

You realize that you are now made of rubber.


Species: Butterfly to Dragon

You feel yourself getting suddenly larger, losing your insectoid characteristics. Your extra legs disappear, and your body becomes full again. Your spine (because you're a vertebrate again, thank goodness) pushes outwards into a long, sinuous tail, and your legs and arms become lizardlike. Your body itches as it becomes scaly, and you let out a roar, your face having become a huge maw. Horns push out from your forehead and curl around your face, and your tiny, delicate wings expand into something large and powerful.

This dragon form is something you could seriously get used to.


Species: Brown bear to Butterfly

Suddenly you feel yourself shrinking, your great, furry bulk wasting away to something delicate and tiny. Your midsection pinches down, leaving your body in three pieces, and your four legs likewise shrink to long, thin, segmented, delicate legs, a third pair of which begins to form out of what is now your thorax.

A pair of antennae push their way forward from your forehead, and your eyes become huge and faceted, changing your vision in unexpected ways. Your tongue pushes out of your mouth, becoming something like a straw that curls up in front of you.

Lastly, but certainly not least, you feel something strange pushing from your back, large and delicate, paper-thin, shining with incredible colors, they are a pair of huge wings that flutter behind you.

Now a delicate butterfly, you float easily on through the maze.


Toon: Yes to No

As you look in the mirror, you see the image get painted in, like in Photoshop, going from 2D to a full 3D again, shadows going from cel-shaded to soft.

You're now real again, no longer a toon.


Species: Rat to Black-Tailed Jack Rabbit

Ooo. The picture in the mirror is different, and you feel yourself change to match! Your long tail shrinks to a cute fluffy bunny tail, your rat feet become long rabbit feet, and your ears become long and floppy. You bounce up and down a few times and chuckle to yourself. This is fun!


Age: Child(7 Human years old) to Teenager(16 Human years old) Gender: Female

Looking in the mirror, you see a pretty girl, the kind you could only dream of growing up to be. Then, suddenly, you feel yourself growing up, your figure fleshing out and your face becoming slender and gorgeous.

God, you look like the cover of freaking Seventeen! Rad.


Clothing: % to Saddle and Bridle.

You feel a weird restriction on your arms and face; the mirror reveals you are now wearing a saddle and bridle, fit to be ridden.


Form: % to Full Species: Tiger to Snake

You run into another mirror - and to be honest, you're getting tired of it. The twisting feeling in your stomach signals that this is going to be a good one.

Suddenly, you find yourself flat on the floor, and you shake your head, confused; your legs don't seem to want to...


You shriek as you look back and realize that your legs are twisting together to form a long, sinuous tail. Your fur recedes into scales and your head flattens, your ears disappearing completely. You feel a searing pain as the tip of your tongue splits in half, and then darts out of your mouth, bringing you a sense halfway between smell and taste. Lastly, a hood of skin opens up, starting at the top of your head and ending between your shoulderblades.

It takes a few moments, but soon enough you're back up, slithering along down the passage.


Form: Reverse Satyr to Anthro Species: % to Rat

Your feet begin to lengthen and you let out a sigh - at least this time you're not stuck with some stupid freaky half-form... thing!

You think with a big fear that you're starting to lose your words. Your nose starts to lengthen and it's really kinda cool! A long, hairless tail pushes out from your behind and you're getting really small, but that's okay! At least you keep your hands and stuff!

The face in the mirror is you, of course! Grinning, seven-year-old you! But you're a rat! A human rat! It's so cool! What other mirrors are there?!


Species: Fox to Black-Tailed Jack Rabbit

As you catch a brief glimpse of another mirror that shatters just as you look into it, you almost don't notice the changes in your fur until your ears flop down around your face. Your nose itches and works - reaching up to touch it you realize it's a bunny face.

Your old form could've eaten this one for a snack, and that thought makes you eager to scurry away.


Form: AnimalTaur to Full Gender: % to Female Species: Dragon to Wolf

As you traverse the maze you find yourself picking up speed, trying not to look into any mirrors - but unfortunately, you aren't in as much control of this new form as you could be. You careen headlong into a wall and realize that it isn't a wall... it is a mirror.

You hunch over, shielding your eyes, but it is too late - the mirror's magic has taken hold, and you are trapped. You were enjoying your tauric form, but that is about to change. You feel your arms and front legs recombine, and your scales are replaced with lush fur. Your tail shortens to a more reasonable length, fluffing out into something more canine. Your huge talons shrink in size, into small paws. The fur races up your neck and reaches your face, which pushes out into a long muzzle; your ears move up the sides of your head, becoming pointed.

Taking a deep breath, you realize the world around you is rich with scent. Sighing, you realize you had better look at yourself to see what you've become.

You let out a whine as you catch a glimpse of yourself - you a handsome she-wolf, to be sure, but the world is now rendered in shades of grey. Too bad you couldn't keep your human color vision.


Form: Anthro to Full Species: Fox to Dog (golden retriever)

As you look into the mirror, you see nothing really, not even a reflection of yourself. It is kinda weird you think but as you further inspect the mirror you soon see golden retriever at the place where you are.

You blink a bit confused as you look over yourself, seeing your orange fox fur changing into a more lighter brown color!

You also feel your tail changing a bit as it shortens slightly. You soon loose balance as you fall back down on your back. As you check what made you loose balance you soon see your fox paws have changed into full canine hind-legs and paws, which make you unable to walk on two legs now.

But with that not enough, you soon find out that your hands as well, have changed to paws, or rather canine forelegs.

You soon roll over and stand up, now only able to walk on all fours as you look over yourself again and see you've been turned into the golden retriever you've seen in the mirror, as you look back into the mirror though, it just shatters into pieces.


Form: Taur to sphinx Species: Tiger to Lion Winged: % to No

As you walk you notice another mirror in front of you, showing yourself as a rather attractive woman with the body of a lion. Sure enough, you feel your human half get pulled down towards your tauric half, arms merging into paws. Your fur becomes tawny and your tail gains a dark brown tuft at the end. You are now a sphinx - though without the grace of wings. Too bad.


Gender: Male to Female Species: Ooze to Dragonspawn Clothing: % to Snug cloth shirt only

Your ooze-like body reforms into a bipedal scaled creature. You look down in surprise at your chest to see you have a pair of breasts barely kept in place and covered by a snug cloth shirt. The rest of your reptilian body is unclothed, allowing you to see that your manhood is gone, replaced by a feminine slit. You touch your new muzzle, realizing you are now a female dragonspawn.


Age: % to Baby (1 Human Year old)

The bright mirror draws you in and you see what's in the reflection. A crib. You are pulled into the mirror and are now a baby. You look around for a way out, but only see the high walls of the crib. A side of the crib opens and you continue your adventure.


Age: % to Child(7 Human years old) Species: Dragonspawn to Rat

You enter the room to see a mirror, nothing special. However, as you approach it, it begins to get bigger. You notice your teeth start to grow out, and your feet shrink into paws. A long tail trails behind you as you become a rat child.


Form: % to Anthro Species: Human to Unicorn

The mirror you appear out from vanishes behind you. A tingling sensation starts to begin on your nose. You feel your face push out as your feet lock up. Falling to the ground you notice hooves taking form, while a horn begins to grow out of your forehead. You stand up and resume your journey as an anthro Unicorn.