Form: Anthro to AnimalTaur Species: Unicorn Modification: Scaled

You begin to hiccup, at the sight of the mirror. Unexpectedly, it causes a lurch from behind. Your body seems to be reacting, and each time you hiccup, it is as if your spine grows behind you, leaving you taller, and taller, until there's finally a loud snap which causes you to nearly black out, as it bends almost 90 degrees. Small, scaly limbs begin to poke out where the bend in your torso now is, until they gain strength and stand on their own beneath you. You are still a scaley unicorn, but now you can run with all four legs beneath you.


Form: Full to Anthro Gender: % to Female Species: % to Rayquaza

Your forepaws begin to quiver before changing again, this time elongating to full fingers, long and dangerous. Meanwhile, the fur everywhere is falling out, as your hips adjust to let you stand back up, and your tail keeps growing longer and longer. Not covered in scales, or even skin, but more of interlocking plates, you shake your head as the last of the hair falls, leaving a reptilian muzzle and long horn-like protrusions on your head. As you stand, though, you're reminded of your changed gender as breasts seem to swell up and deform the plate on your torso. As your vision blurs, you stagger to catch a mirror, and look to see that you no longer even belong in this world.

You have become an anthro rayquaza.


Species: Kangaroo to Otter Form: Anthro Gender: Female

Everything that was pointy now seems to round out. First is your pouch, which disappears entirely, but at your face, the muzzle seems to be pushed back in to your face somewhat, leaving a blunted muzzle behind. Ironically enough, though your muzzle is blunted, your teeth have become all the sharper, and you nearly cut your tongue while the rest of your body changes.

Your paws below are shoved farther and farther back into themselves, eventually webbing out when the pressure is finally released. the toes tickle a bit as you flex them, not noticing until it's already moved to your hands as well. You also slenderize in the process, gaining a bit of height as your breasts recede to a modest a cup. Lithe and trim, you're ready to swim with the rest of the otters, if only you could get out of this damned maze.


Form: Taur to AnimalTaur Species: % to Deer

The hair comes creeping up from your waistline, tickling as it covers you in small specks of white across your tanned back. As it reaches your shoulders, it flows down to your hands at the same time it crawls up your neck, and as your hands are covered, your fingers merge into three digits, and small, hard hooves form at the end. The other change is with your face, as the hair seems to force your face forward, tugging it into a muzzle with a black nose at the end. Your ears also tug up to the top of your head, leaving you with an animaltaur form.


Form: AnimalTaur to Full Species: Otter to Pikachu Height: % to 6 inches

Suddenly, the lights go out as a bolt of electricity strikes you square in the back. As you fall, your hind legs seem to almost disappear in smoke, leaving only your tail behind, even though it's now been deformed, flattened and crinkled, almost, stiff.

Your fur fades to a bright yellow, with only black strips to break it up, and your webbing falls back into paws which are slowly losing any connection to the human realm. Small furred paws, yellow fur, and as it reaches your face, your muzzle shoots forward as red pouches appear on your cheeks. They spark and crackle as the sweeping yellow engulfs your ears, stretching them upwards in a mighty yank, and letting them stretch out to long, black-tipped points.

As you manage to struggle up, you look at your squat, rodent-like body, and realize you are now a teacup-sized pikachu.


Form: Full to Quadraped Species: Pikachu

With only a minor change, your hips crack to get yourself faced downward, even as your neck snaps to let your head be forward-facing again. You pant and realize you're going to be walking on all fours... again.


Species: Wolf to Otter Form: Full

Your paws begin to develop some webbing, and your limbs all shrink until you end up rubbing your belly on the floor. Your fur seems to pull back, while also becoming slick and smooth, very much fitting with your tail, which seems to flatten out, as though a rudder for navigating stream waters. You feel something like the worst sinus infection you've ever had, as your snout recedes into your face and flattens into the otter configuration, rounding, much as your ears do, although they grow even smaller in the process.

Now you otter fit in with the rest of the maze, if it happens to flood.


Species: Kangaroo to Otter Form: Full

You feel your ears and feet shorten, and webbing appears between your toes and fingers.

After your body shrinks, your torso elongates, and you drop to all fours, you realize you've become an otter


Species: Otter to Dragon (Eastern) Form: Full

you suddenly feel very lightheaded, and suddenly, you feel your body getting even longer, but you are also growing. Your otter muzzle pulls forward into a draconic one, with a pair of tendrils extending from it. Your fur is gradually replaced by shiny scales, and a row of feathers extend from our head, all the way down your back, culminating with a tuft on your tail.

And the reason you felt lightheaded? You realize you are now floating a few inches above the ground! Being an Eastern Dragon does have some advantages!


Modification: % to Furred Species: Human

As you anticipate a change, you look in the mirror and see fur growing everywhere. Preparing for a muzzle, claws, a tail, anything, you quickly try to brace for the pain... and then nothing comes. You basically look like a skinny, shorter version of Chewbacca, and make a few growling noises at the mirror, just for the fun of it. Well, what else could come of a furred human?


Form: % to Anthro Species: Human to Tiger Modification: Furred

This time as you look in the mirror, you anticipate another minor change, only to be shocked as you feel your bones reshaping, slightly. A long tail bursts from the seat of your paints, and claws form on your feet as you feel forced to stand on tip toes with a digitigrade posture, knees painfully snapping backwards to accomodate the new stance.

Your mouth bursts out into a shortish muzzle, with sharp feline teeth lining it, even as your lips darken to black. Your nails recede into compact forms, before allowing you to retract or display them at will. It's a bit weird at first, but the least of your concerns, when compared to the twisting in your skull as your ears migrate up the sides of your head, forming two round extensions at the top.

You've taken the form of an anthro tiger, with the only noticable difference from usual being your longer fur.


Modification: % to Furred Species: Tiger

You feel fluffier, but otherwise unchanged.


Substance: % to Rubber Species: Dragon (Eastern)

Suddenly, you notice that your scales are even shiner than you ought to be. Experimentally, you pull on your arm. It extends to almost twice its original length!

You may be made out of rubber now, but you retain most of your eastern dragon abilities.


Species: Dog (golden retriever) to Elephant

As you pad into the next room you suddenly become dizzy and stumble. You steady yourself and look around. What could have caused that.

You don't notice at first that you are growing in size until your fur starts falling out to reveal rough gray skin. Your paws become larger, flatter, and rounder with toenail things instead of claws. As your ears become large, fan-like appendages, your muzzle reforms into an elephants trunk.

Well, an elephant is defiantly different.


Species: Elephant to Pig

You begin to shrink as your skin starts turning from gray, to a pale pink. Your feet harden and split, becoming cloven hooves. Your trunk becomes a snout as your ears change shape and shrink. Finally, your tail becomes short, And curly.


Species: Butterfly to Cerberus Heads: % to 3 Colour: Blue Form: Full

Your body begins to gain mass as you fall to the ground. Your blue wings get replaced by equally blue fur. Your thin legs become thick and strong. Your head becomes that of a dog and you grow a tail. To finish it all off, you grow two extra heads, one on either side of your original.


Form: Anthro to Full Species: Fox to Raccoon Colour: Pink Gender: Female Pregnant: Only if Female or Herm Toon: Yes

Your vixen face changes into that of a raccoon and your tail becomes striped. You fall down onto all fours and have completely changed into a raccoon. Of course your still pink, your still a toon, and your still a female, meaning your still pregnant.


Form: Full to Taur

Suddenly, an extra pair of legs pushes out of your stomach and you become a taur version of yourself. That's all that changes.


Mechanization: Yes to No

You are suddenly showered with some strange strange liquid that causes your robotic parts to rust away. Good for you.


Species: Butterfly to Owl

Your light body begins to gain mass, but not much. Your wings and body become feathered as your face gains a beak and flattens slightly. Your legs become talons and your entire body becomes covered in feathers. You are now an owl. Nothing else changed.


Height: % to 6 inches Tails: 9 Skunk tails

You feel yourself beginning to shrink as everything gets very big. You are now six inches from nose to the tip of your tails.


Form: Anthro to Satyr

Your whole upper body returns to that of a human, but that is all.


Substance: Rubber to Stone

You change from rubber to stone. That's what it says. Don't ask tell me to go into more detail. I'm pretty sure something went wrong. Whatever.


Species: fox to Tiger

You are temporarily blinded by a flash of light that came out of nowhere. When you regain sight, you find that you are no longer a fox, but a tiger.


Age: % to %S Colour: % to %S DigimonFamily: % to %S Form: % to %S Gender: % to %S Mechanization: % to %S Pregnant: % to %S Species: Cat to Dog (golden retriever) Spirit: % to %S Substance: % to %S Toon: % to %S Clothing: % to %S Modification: % to %S Winged: % to %S DigimonLevel: % to %S Tails: % to %S Pouched: % to %S Heads: % to %S Height: % to %S Diapered: % to %S Toy: % to %S

Your black fur changes golden and your claws cease to be retractable. Your face pushes out into a canine muzzle as your ears flop over the side of your head. Lastly, your tail becomes that of a canine. Sadly, nothing else changes.


Modification: % to Furred Species: Human

You feel itchy as fur grows all over your body. Need I say more?


Form: Anthro to Full Species: Human

Absolutely nothing happens.


Form: Full to quadraped Tails: to 9 Skunk tails Species: Fox

Weirdest thing ever. Your single fox tail is replaced with nine skunk tails. Makes absolutely no sens.


Tails: 9 Skunk tails to

Your nine skunk tails just disappear with a poof. Good. Never liked those things anyway.


Toy: % to Yes Modification: Furred

As you walk into the room, you notice something shiny on the floor. You pick it up to find that it is a sewing needle. Suddenly, the needle pieces your skin, seemingly on its own. Strangely, you feel no pain as it goes in and out, making it's way up your arm. You can feel your insides changing to fluff as your whole body has some seams stitched into it. You are now a plush.


Winged: Yes to Normal Species: Tiger

Your back suddenly feels lighter as your wings dissolve into a pale smoke.


Winged: to Yes

You feel two strange appendages growing out of your back. Turning your head, you catch a glimpse of two, beautiful wings have taken residence there.


Species: % to Cat Heads: to 1

Absolutely nothing changes.


Form: % to Anthro Species: % to Unicorn

You feel a pressure in your forehead. When you bring your hand up, you feel a nub. Your head reforms, taking on an equine shape as pure white fur spreads across your body. A long, golden main and tail grow out and your feet turn into golden hooves. Your hands turn the same color as a sort of hoof hand. The white fur covers your whole body and a horn finishes growing out of your head. You look into the mirror and are enchanted by the sight of the beautiful, anthro unicorn looking back.


Form: % to AnimalTaur Species: % to Bat

Your head changes into a somewhat rodent shape with massive ears as all of your fur changes brown. Two leathery wings grow out of your back. You are now a bat taur.


Mechanization: to No

Nothing happens.


Mechanization: % to Yes

Suddenly, everything is plunged into darkness as you fall through a trap door in the floor. At first, nothing happens, but then, you feel yourself beginning to be dismantled. Your body parts get ripped off and replaced with mechanical parts. You are powerless to resist as you are turned into a robotic version of your previous self. As you are thrust back up to the surface, you hear yourself talking in a robotic voice. "ALL SYSTEMS ONLINE AND OPERATIONAL. ATEMPTING TO DERIVE CONECTION WITH THE SOURCE... FAILED TO DERIVE CONNECTION. ACTIVATING EMERGENCY DIRECTIVE... EMERGENCY DIRECTIVE NOT FOUND. RETURNING CONTROL TO HOST. Lucky you.


Species: % to Black-Tailed Jack Rabbit

You soon find yourself tingling strangely when you look in a mirror you find yourself with long ears and a black cotton tail, making a you Black-Tailed Jack Rabbit.


Pouched: % to Yes Mechanization: Yes

Upon entering the room you accidentally bump into a mirror. Great. Another dead end. As you prepare to launch in the other direction you notice that the impact seemed to knock a small panel loose, revealing a tiny pouch.

...Frankly you have no idea what purpose that could serve and you're not sure you want to know.


Species: Butterfly to % Tails: % to 5 tails if not human Mechanization: Yes

As you enter the room you pick up on an odd sensation in the air... A disturbance of some kind. your antennae twitch involuntarily, apparently knowing what to do. Suddenly a box appears in your vision, asking you if you would like to proceed with a "hardware update"... You hesitantly select the box marked Yes, which causes another box to open, show a filling loading bar, display a message saying "Update applied!", and then close. That disorienting experience over with, you reexamine yourself to find that you apparently have tails now. Five of them. Each made of wire and tipped with a different kind of connector.


Age: % to %s Form: Anthro to Full Gender: % to %s Species: Otter to Wolf

Your muzzle lengthens out as your teeth sharpen and your nose becomes sensitive to any and all smells. Your fur begins to fade from it's dark brown to a silvery gray and your webbing gets replaced by claws. Your rudder like tail shortens and becomes more canine. Suddenly, your hands and feet shift into paws before you can react and you fall down onto all fours. You have become a fully four legged wolf. Your gender and age have not changed.


Form: % to Anthro Species: Dragon to Otter Gender: Male

Your wings and horns recede into your head and body as your snout shortens and broadens, becoming furred with whiskers and a dark nose. Your scales get replaced by thick brown fur as your tail becomes large and rudder like. Your hands and feet become webbed and you stand as an anthropomorphic otter. You remain male.


Gender: % to Female Species: Human to Kangaroo Winged: to Yes Pouched: % to No

As you enter the room you begin to feel yourself begin to change as your posture shifts slightly and your feet begin to grow larger, making them more usable to "kick" at things.

Then you feel a large pressure at your lower back as a large tail begins to grow, big and sturdy enough that you can use it as a support for said kicking motions. As the tail grows you notice a sort of golden brown fur begin to grow on you as your face stretches into a muzzle and your ears elongate.

Soon a pressure builds in your back as a couple of wings begin to grow from it, when they finish growing you give them a couple of flaps to test them.

You can also feel you are quite female now as well, as when you look in one of the mirrors, you are now a pouchless female kangaroo!


Species: Bat to Horse Form: AnimalTaur

Your head becomes equine as your wings disappear. Your paws harden into hooves and your hands become hoof like. You are now a horse taur with no other changes.


Mechanization: % to Yes Species: % to Horse

As you walk into the room, something uncoils from the ceiling and plugs into the back of your head. You lose control of yourself as you hear yourself speak, DOWNLOAD IN PROGRESS... DOWNLOAD COMPLETE. COMENCING MECHANICAL REFORMATION. Your body suddenly breaks down into millions of tiny pieces of metal which then proceed to rebuild themselves. When the reformation is complete, you find yourself a robotic horse.


Tails: % to 9 Skunk tails Form: Full Species: Fox

Has you trot on all fours you hoping to find a way to get out of here, you come to the end of the hallway you were walking along. At the end is 3 doors, a black door with a skull on it and a warning, saying "one who enter shall scar the spirit for power", a rose marked door and a Pistol marked door.

In the middle of the room stand a sign with 2 buttons. One button green and one black. Naturally you don't want to press a button since that would risk you turning into something even more humiliating.

Once you have trotted around the signs you feel a sting in the back of your behind.

Apparently the pain is coming from a syringe sticking it self deep into you.

Your once red and black tail starts to bloom out. Becoming colossal. the warmth of this tail is protruding trough trough you veins but also gives of a grim stank.

you look back on the backside of the sign and see a mirror.

you can now clearly see that it is not one tail, but 9 of them!!! and also they all would be recognized has skunk tails.

The weight from the tails is extreme but you continue onward with your inner strength.


Tails: % to 9 Skunk tails(if normally no tail otherwise normal tail) Species: Kitsune

Actually, nothing really changes.


Form: % to Anthro Species: % to Butterfly

You enter the room, failing to notice the thin membrane covering the entryway. As you pass through, it engulfs you, and you collapse to the floor, completely immobile. The membrane quickly thickens and hardens until you are fully cocooned.

After a while of struggling, the air starts to get thinner. Your vision clouds over, until you slip gently into unconsciousness.

An indeterminable time later, you wake up. Stretching, you are easily able to free yourself from the cocoon, blinking as your eyes adjust. And then continuing to blink as you adjust yourself to your new compound eyes. After a brief headache, you look yourself over, identifying yourself as an anthropomorphic monarch butterfly.


Form: Anthro to Full Species: Cat to Dog (golden retriever)

Your pointed ears flop down over the sides of your head as your fur changes from black to a golden yellow. Your tail loses much of it's flexibility as your muzzle lengthens out, gaining a large black nose.

On top of all this, your hands become paws and you fall down onto all fours. You find that you cannot get up. Nothing else has changed.


Tails: 9 Skunk tails(if normally no tail otherwise normal tail) to Normal Species: Elephant