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(Story 6 Page 551) Former Human Hand

Make that former human hand. Daniel blinked, staring dumbfounded at the supposed children's toy, and then the three furry, clawed fingers clutching it. Her arm had joined its opposite in becoming a full fledge canines paw. At least now she had some semblance of symmetry.
Standing around in stupefied thought was not going to help. Daniel kept downstairs four at a time while shoving the device in his backpack.

Turned out there was little need to worry about running late with beefed up animal legs. By the time Daniel realized the true measure of her run speed she had already overtaken the bus on it's usual route to school. Most students did not give her much of a glance at thirty miles per hour. The glaring exception, of course, being the more lewd cliques.

"When you going to call me, babe?"

"Can you wear that skirt to gym class? Your panties look so nice when you run."

"Eat the asphalt, furfag!"


Written by DesmondFallout on 10-10-2018 and this page is yet to be reviewed

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