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Daniel almost did that last one if not for the warning horn. Realization she had drifted into the oncoming traffic lane hit before the car. Just in time to prompt her paws to push off the ground. Never losing momentum, Daniel hopped onto the car's hood and continued running along its roof. Another bounce off its trunk had her back on the solid ground without incident.


"Show off!" Came the last cries before Daniel turned down a side ally that cut closer to school.


"Holy fuckā€¦" Daniel was a bit too stunned by her athletic prowess to care for some daily hazing. Going down the alley, she experimented with jumping over trash bins and dashing sideways along the surrounding walls. With each bit of practice, the flow of ninja-style movements became almost second nature. This, in turn, had her grinning a mouthful of very sharp teeth. "Aw fuck, this is awesome!"


She had to get higher. Daniel leaped on top of the walls, running along their narrow width with a balance and grace beyond Olympic skills. With this kind of travel, the interconnecting system of stone barriers made a perfect shortcut to school.


"Morning Denise! Taking the scenic route to school again?"


"Morning, Ms. Roberts! This is the best way to travel, after all," Daniel replied without looking at the older woman watering her flower bushes. Paws landed almost silently on the roof of a house, which she scaled in short hops.


The adrenaline rush was getting a bit too high for Daniel's worrisome human mind to keep up. Otherwise, she would have been losing her focus trying to figure out how she knew a Ms. Roberts. But that was not nearly as fun as reaching the roof's edge and leaping off to dash across the next home.


The wind rushing across Daniel's body with each jump felt heavenly on her fur. Even her hair, which waved like a cape behind her, felt soothed as it grew. A shift in pigments caused it to bleach into a snowy pure white, not unlike her hand and paw fur.


If Daniel had not been wearing clothes, she might have also noticed the mild itching that crawled up her torso. An extra fluffy coat of white grew across her stomach and chest, while more yellow blanketed the sides and back.


Being covered made such changes not nearly as apparent as when Daniel's figure began filling out in other ways. Each leap, every dash, seemed to spark a rush of muscle alterations to better fit the monster woman she was becoming. After only a few roofs her hips had a lot more bounce to each step, spreading out into a thick curve that stretched her panties snug. Strong muscles befitting such a great runner piled onto her rear to help fill out the back.


As she came within spitting distance of the school, Daniels' thighs inflated with a hard flexed that left them doubled in size. With her strongest jump yet she cleared a four-lane street and sailed easily over the fence onto campus grounds. Her shirt fluttered in the updraft flashing a creamy furred waist for anyone that might be watching. It had caved inwards into a typical female figure that further advertised Daniel's heavy rear. Granted she had some abdominal muscle poking out through her pelt to admire as well.


Written by DesmondFallout on 12 October 2018

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