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"You're a bit late." emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"You're a bit late."


Daniel yipped, almost toppling backward out of her cool entrance pose. A lot of the mingling kids that had been watching giggled as they went about their own days. However, Pammy stood only feet away looking at her wristwatch with a sour expression.


"That's really not like you, Denise. You've slept in and still made it before the bus. Please tell me Jake hasn't been messing with your data code again?"




Now that the thrill of being an athletic badass was over, Daniel's mind seemed to be going back to confused panic mode. Looked like she had guessed correctly in that not a single kid seemed weirded out by the furry person in a skirt arriving for classes. The bus she had so casually run past had pulled up to the curb and began letting it's passengers off.


Looking into the parking lot, she could make out their friend Jake climbing out of a red sports car. He was followed closely by followed by Gasson and David, who had been driving. They quickly spotted her with Pammy and began working through the crowds in their direction.


It was not until Daniel caught Jake's eye that she remembered all the weird stuff he was into. 'Furry' was the word they used to label strong affection for animal people of something. The ideas depicted in that so-called 'art' website, FurAffection, made Daniel's own morning feel tame.


"No, seriously!" Pammy snapped Daniel out his daydream of fat Yoshi pictures with a tone of aggressive concern. "Is he screwing with you or your code? We really don't need another noodle incident before you love birds do that dare today."


"S-sorry!?" Daniel squeaked but quickly recovered. The idea of having a boyfriend excited her so much she wanted to hurl. "No, of course not! I mean, I was a bit distracted whe-YIPE!"


Daniel's spine twitched, which caused her skirt to flutter. That was definitely not something it should have been able to do. Whipping her head back found the culprit to be an amazingly long limb wagging against her thighs. Its length was coated in a dense layer of yellow fur, dotted in white at the tip. How beautiful, she had grown a tail now.


Written by DesmondFallout on 13 October 2018

Uncontained Tail

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