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Your eyes duck down again, furtively trying to read more.

"Empathy is the first and most widespread talent of them all and it's thought to have originated primarily in chakats' species. It is thought that anything, any being with sentience is thought to have the empathic talent-"

"Ugh..." You can't help but groan, searching for the nuggets of important information in the drudgery of this textbook-like guide book.

"Empathy is the silent, non-verbal, and non-physical transmission of emotions and some physical feelings between two beings. Empaths, those with the talent of Empathy, can both send and receive emotions and sensations. They are especially useful in therapy within chakrat societies. Receiving emotions is easier than sensations. Projecting in general is harder than receiving, but projecting sensations is hardest of all. Projections, in their nature, are rather harsh and blunt. To project emotions in an intelligent, thoughtful way takes practice."

"UGH! This is like being in high school all other again.." You mutter to yourself, fighting to keep your concentration on the book. You know that you wouldn't be able to fight off a pack of dire wolves should they attack. Despite logic telling you that reading is the most important part of what you're doing right now, you cannot help but raise your eyes to check the horizon.

"I-is that... Is that something?" You mumble, thinking you see movement in the distance, but it could simply be snow kicked up in the wind. But, you struggle to be able to tell. You fidget, glancing around the tree, looking for an attacker.

You still hear them, howling and organizing together. Yet, so far, there's no sign of them closing in yet.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 16-06-2017 and this page is yet to be reviewed

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