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"Read! Read!" You demand of yourself, shoving your eyes back to the page, trying to finish this concept.


"An interesting portion of Empathy is..." The page reads, slowly leading in. "Is the ability to create "bonds." Bonds are the ability to connect with another being who are close. Closeness being built by intimacy over time and proximity with each other. The more powerful the talent of Empathy the more powerful the bond that can be built. There is argument in the scientific community that since non-Empaths can form bonds then it shouldn't be included as an element of Empathy, but with the strengthening of the bond at higher Empath level, others argue it is related to the Talent. It's also discussed whether it should be considered fully its own Talent, but its relationship to Empathy again complicated this distinction. More evidence is gathered over time furthers the concept that an Empath of some skill must be in the relationship for it to work suggest that it is indeed the same Talent at work and not its own separate distinct Talent."


Your heart had begun to pound harder. Distinct howls are becoming louder and louder, closer and closer. Your eyes swim on the page. Your thumb starts to flip at the pages, searching for something new. You strain to read in the dark.


"God... I need more! That's not enough to know! Not enough! Not enough!"


You flip to a new section, tugging open the booklet.


"Telepathy..." You nod along, reading faster, skimming. "Telepathy is one of the more infamous Talents. It's transmission of thoughts and mental information. Unlike Empathy, it's much more one sided leaning towards projection. The act of "extracting" information from another being is exceptionally difficult and frowned upon in Chakrat culture. There's increased difficulty for Telepath to project thoughts, images, and ideas to non-Telepaths.


The other limitation to Telepaths is that telepathic communication is just as limited by language as verbal communication. For example, an English speaking Telepath cannot suddenly understand the language of a French Telepath. Not can a Telepath automatically understand an image from another Telepath if they wouldn't understand the image having seen it in reality."


"Huh..." You muse, wondering again if anyone waiting back in Zared could be a telepath.


"How do we find out if we are a Telepath? Or any of these?" You ask the book, hoping for a fleeting moment it would just rapidly start to flutter to the correct page. Instead, you have to manual flutter through, hoping luck will do the rest.


"Astral Projection is the least understood of all talents..." You pause a moment, lifting your eyes as a piercing howl seems to shatter the glassy air around you. The wolves are closing in, their noses must have caught your scent on the whistling breeze and had begun to track you.


You hear the rising thud of their paws in the snow. Your heartbeat quickens, the world nearly smothered out by the steady Wub-Wub, Wub-Wub, Wub-Wub, Wub-Wub...

Written by Picklessauce69 on 22 June 2017

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