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"No! I gotta finish this!" You eyes drop to the page, starting to rapidly flip through.


"Astral projection is the least understood... It involves the project of the user's mind outside of the body which allows for investigation where their physical bodies could not otherwise travel. Often times, this is referred to as their 'ghost' when an individual is being projected, though this term has come under some heat."


You jump ahead, searching for more details, enough to understand the Talent.


"Astral projection appears to be tied tin with the senses of whatever the individual has. For example, a blind Chakrat could not then project themselves and see and environment, only taste, smell, touch, and hear. This almost means those with lesser Talents can be limited to seeing in black-and-white or seeing only shapes of varying distinction when they project. The more limited your skill, the more limited your projection."


"Astral projectors are specifically useful as mission scouts-"


Your fingers start to jitter, fear driving you to jumpiness. You flip forward.


"Improving Your Talents," The title reads, you strain to catch the words in the shreds of the moonlight above you. The howls of the wolves are mounting, screaming ing the nearby distance.


"Talents can be improved like any other skill through practice, practice, and more practice! Typically, steady practice can improve a Talented Chakrat up to 1.75 times their original levels in a given Talent."


Your eyes suddenly yank from the page as a yelping, shrieking bark cracks through the still air behind you. Your butt bumps back into the bark of the tree and you twist around, thrusting your large form in a fast swivel as you heft up the basic spear you carried out on your back.


Darkness is fully enveloping the land, but you can see the white glint of the dire wolves teeth as the pack spreads out around you. The leader lunges first into the circle, snarling in a distracting attack while the true violence explodes behind you. You feel the swipe of molten hot claws tear against your backside.


Your scream out, feeling the blood burbling with heat as your skin categorizes against the claws.


"What the hell!?"

Written by Picklessauce69 on 27 June 2017

Both Enemies

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