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The leader's mouth suddenly spreads wider, showing off the gleaming mouthful of fangs they carry. He seems to have understood your exclamation.


"What are you!?" You demand, searching for a way to delay this attack. To learn more is your only mission, death is inevitable, but you can extend your usefulness.


The leader grinned wider, smirking now. "We are the dire wolves of the volcano. Birthed in flames, carriers of the heat." You look down to realize the snow beneath his paws is going soft and mushy as he stands, bemused at you.


"You're a foolish newbie, perhaps." He grins, seemingly enjoying this game. "We've already hunted much tonight... Perhaps we should play a game with the newbie, hmmm?" He turns to the rest of the pack, some of whom obviously disagree about the amount they've eaten and others who looked frightening excited at whatever game is being suggested.


"How about... you tell me about you.. And for everything you know I will tell you something of me." The lava wolf crooned, voice tangy and smooth like a mixed drink.


"Okay..." You hesitate only a moment, but the flicker of flames in the wolves eyes drive you to blurt. "Chakrats are hermaphroditic creatures!"


"Good, good... you know your own basics..." The wolf chuckled, smile spreading. "Lava wolves are actually creatures of the North. We thrive in the cold because our bodies run so hot, we'd die in more consistently warm climates."


"Chakrats can have Talents! Like powers!"


"Ooh, yes. Perhaps, you are a Telepath?" The wolf mocked, grinning. "Want to read what I am thinking?" His laughing grin widened while his feet shuffled forward, melting the snow as he moved. You strained, trying perhaps to harness the Talent, though you have no idea how.


"Awh... perhaps not?" The wolf laughed, low in his throat. "Perhaps a hint?" His paw lifted, claws glinting in the evening air before they slid forward in a slashing motion, the hot curve hitting to your throat before you had time to re-act.


You never really heard the hint, but you supposed you could guess what he'd been thinking as you stumble to the ground.


As they swarm, the ice melts. You drift into nothing feeling a wave of heat thaw your cold limbs.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 01 July 2017

The end (for now)
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