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Now, you were really kicking yourself. Maybe something you must have done under the table had triggered this reaction. But now, you had to really think on your toes! You looked around calmly, trying not to panic, searching the doorless walls for some kind of clue or hint. The timer ticked once more, bringing the medium sized room closer around to Barley’s restrained body.
Still, there was nothing on the walls that could have given you indication of release. Next you mind brought you back to that table. Despite finding nothing, the intricacies you examined prior thought about your previous decision and wondered if there was something more with the weird mechanism that could have given you more guidance. Of course, it was the only thing left for you to do at this point, so you crouched down underneath the table to examine what was down below. Maybe if you could see what was there, things would be easier. The only thing you could see was the same kind of intricate flow of electrons spilling from the ceiling, around the walls, and down to the table.
The first thing you noticed when you crouched down was that there was some kind of separation between where the walls came in around the underneath of the table.
“Okay. That seems promising.” In that moment, you at least had the chance to plan your escape. Next, you looked up to see some kinds of buttons or devices underneath. You were surprised by the way the technology underneath was crafted. It seemed like some sort of puzzle. You were feeling good, as if you had figured out not only your escape, but also some kind of plan about how to release your friend.
Instantly, you formed a correlation around what you had seen on the walls, and the dimly glowing formation under the tabletop. Quickly you started examining the pathway flowing from the walls. You took your finger and tried to match the movement as it flowed down into the area around the table. It took a couple times for you to get it, and the room even ticked the walls closer a few times as well. Still, you didn’t allow it to deter you. You worked your best to memorize the pattern before going back underneath to match it with your own movements.
Soon, you started to become nervous, thinking to yourself about how this could have been a waste of your time, if this wasn’t the right choice. Regardless, you tried your best to at least finish the pattern with your finger- just to rule it out.
After a while, and a few more ticks, you were finished carving out the shape with your finger. It started to pulsate with blue light before you heard a click. Barley groaned with relief as his body was instantly released. You remained under the table for a moment to take a sign of relief before you stood and watched him sit up.
“Thank you!” he said as you checked if he was fine.
“Anytime friend!” you replied. “Now let’s go!” You called out before assisting him under the table and through the little wedge.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 09 January 2022

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