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The two of you slipped through the little hole from the bottom and fell into a long slender hallway. The room was completely unfamiliar to the both of you and it seemed to bring you an immense feeling of claustrophobia as you looked around, wondering which way you had to go to regroup.
“Woah!” He said. “What is this?” Asking you, as if you would have known. Of course, you had to show him the utmost confidence. You wanted to make sure you solidified his trust, despite having done several more things to already do that. Still you two were almost complete strangers- you had to make sure they were going to trust you.
“Do you see those lights?” You asked him. “They’ve been a significant part in our journey so far. Do you agree?” You asked him, trying to get a bit of input from him as well. Barley thought for a moment, trying to remember every other time he had seen those flashing blue lines carved all along the wall.
“Yeah. I think so.” You were elated, he agreed, now you had to make the choice about whether or not you should follow them. Or if you should oppose them.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 10 January 2022

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