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“I remember seeing the blue lights leading to the entrance. So if we were to go against them, we could find the source.” Barley listened to you attentively. “Taking note of that, we need to regroup with the others. Maybe we should follow this at some other point, after finding the others.” he nodded in agreement before the two of you started making your way quickly back to the rest of the members of the group.
You allowed Barley to take the lead, just so you could keep watch of your flank, and make sure the canine was alright. With your wings, you figured you’d be far faster than any of the other teammates on foot, so you figured that it’d be best to make sure you had a good visual of the snowy white dog.
“Glad you’re here to help out.” he shot a quick comment of appreciation back at you.
“Thanks!” You replied, nodding happily. Still, you were a bit concerned about your decision. It seemed practical enough, and of course, the top priority right now was to regroup with the others.
Soon, the two of you came across a door at the very end of the hallway. Anxiously you allowed Barley to open it. When he did, you both noticed a tall drop down to an area you couldn’t quite see beyond the dog’s body. You took a moment to push past him, carefully making sure you didn’t push him off, and to your surprise, it led to one of the pathways you had seen above earlier.
Quickly, you took the lead once again. “This is the main room.” You commented before allowing Barley to take a look as well.
“Really?” he asked inquisitively.
“I am sure of it!” You remembered the pathways from earlier, so this was actually something you had been completely sure of. “Let’s go!” You said before grabbing onto him and gently lowering him to the bottom level.
To your surprise. You had seen one of the twins, Jamison, as well as Casey exploring the techy ruins down below.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 11 January 2022

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