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At a stop light he pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened the GPS app. Luckily, the first option that came up was his apartment address. Only one thing was odd. It said the distance between his location and the park was over 7 miles which was way longer than what was between his apartment and Battery Park in the human universe. That’s weird. At least it says it won’t take me long to get there. The ride was quick and easy like the GPS said, allowing Jared a few nice views of the people navigating the city around him. It was long enough that it felt like an entire journey across the city even though it should’ve been just a few blocks. He didn’t mind, not when it gave him a chance to observe the unique architecture of the world around him.


He came upon his apartment complex. It was different from what it had been, featuring several more stories than before as well as being much closer to the buildings across the streets. It struck Jared how, for as far as he could see, the city continued on for miles and miles. In the human universe his apartment was closer to the suburbs, outside of downtown. It was like the city had experienced a massive growth spurt and absorbed everything around it. Unbothered, Jared found a parking deck on the bottom floor of the building. Praying there weren’t any assigned spots, he found a parking space and got into a very spacious elevator. He pressed the 4th floor button, hoping his apartment was there in this universe too. The elevator took him there, and he stepped into the hallway to begin searching for his living space.


He found it eventually. Relief swept through him as his key fit into the slot and unlocked it. The door opened to reveal his apartment in similar shape to how he left it as a wolverine (God, that feels like years ago.) His old decorations were all there plus the furniture, if altered to fit his leonine frame. The sofa was instead just a long, flat ottoman he was supposed to climb up and lie on. Pictures of himself and his family were all changed to match his species, never an unfunny sight. It reminded him that he had a phone with photos on it. He pulled it out of his pocket and opened the gallery. There were the hundreds of pictures he was familiar with already, each of them featuring him and his friends in sphinx form.

Written by TheGreatJaceyGee on 08 June 2024

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