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But there were other pictures too, ones he never remembered taking. They were shots of the earth taken from the sky. Beautiful landscapes that included rivers, mountains, forests, and plains. The shot that amazed him the most was that of the city. What looked like a million skyscrapers were stretched from frame to frame, the yonder horizon choked with their silhouettes blued by the atmosphere. Did I take these pictures? They aren’t downloads. He kept scrolling through until he happened upon a selfie of his. He was holding the phone out at arm’s length, capturing himself in a pair of flight goggles and a scarf. The Earth was far behind him, the horizon stretched out like it had been in the other photos. His hair and the scarf were whipped back. He couldn’t see all of them, but he could tell that his wings were outstretched from his back, catching the wind.


Yes, not only could Jared fly, he had apparently gone on multiple vacations doing nothing but that. “Holy shit,” he whispered. He scrolled through more of the pictures and marveled at each aerial shot he had taken. It saddened him that he had no memory of taking any of these pictures. Even more disappointing was how the mechanics of flying were still absent from his mind, or at least from memory. If he really wanted to, he could find an open field and take off for the heavens relying on muscle memory like he always had.


But the thought was still intimidating. What if he lost control and crashed on the ground or into something? What if muscle memory failed him, and he would end up looking like an idiot while trying to take off? It posed far more dangers than just trying to walk. It didn’t make sense to go out there and look for a place to try and learn how to fly.

Written by TheGreatJaceyGee on 09 June 2024

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