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You noticed the others started looking a bit weary as well. Surely Duke wasn’t going to have them all keep going. Looking around, you took a moment to check the status of the others. To your surprise, they were just as exhausted as you. At this point, it was all just a matter of who was first to cave.
“Hey Duke.” Casey was the first to say it. “I think we’re all kind of exhausted.” She continued, allowing the others to give their input afterwards. It seemed like all the others had agreed with her. Luckily for you, this was exactly what you wanted, at this point all you had to do was support your teammates.
“Okay.” The German Shepherd actually agreed with the team for once. “Now that we’re in a safe environment, it’d probably be a good idea.” You were absolutely relieved, and even wondered if he was just as tired as the rest of everyone- of course, the trip took all day, so it would have been weird if he wasn’t tired.
Everyone started setting up for the night as everyone started divvying up the shifts for the night. When the team finally had a share of their rations, you realized that the more time you spent in the space, the more quickly you started regaining your energy.
“Guess that rest really did matter, huh…” You thought to yourself for a moment. “Maybe… it was something else?” Your mind began to wander as the others started falling asleep one by one. For once, you weren’t the first to keep watch, regardless you were still paranoid about whether the others would be suspicious. “Seems okay.” You thought to yourself, pondering why the others didn’t question you. “Heh! God’s need sleep too I guess.” You thought to yourself.
While the others slept, you couldn’t help but examine that statue which looked remarkably similar to you. What could it have meant, what was it doing here, and what could it have had to do with you. This place was so modern that it was particularly weird to have such a historical looking figure in someplace like this. That was one of the last things you could remember before falling asleep with the others.
Suddenly, something shocked the entire team awake. A deep rumbling sound started shaking the entire building as a massive block descended over the entrance.
“OH!” Duke yelled before pointing at the slab of rock closing them in. “Do something!” He leaped into action, trying to find something to prop the door open.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 02 January 2022

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