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You quickly grabbed the nearest thing you could find, which was a massive brick and tried to prop the door open with it. By that time, the space was only a few meters wide before you were able to slide the hard rock form into the space. With a loud crack, the brick started to shatter, straight down the middle a massive fissure started to form. Everyone seemed to hold their breaths as they waited to see what was going to happen.
Slowly, the hard block’s integrity started breaking down. You bit your lip hard from suspense, just waiting to see if the door would stop moving but you were quickly proven wrong when the bright yellow brick shattered beneath.
With a loud hard slam which shook straight through the rocky interior of the tomb. You all could feel a powerful quaking all throughout your bodies as the room shook back and forth like an earthquake. You watched as tiny powdery rocks fell from the ceilings and you held your breath wondering if the whole cavernous depths were about to fall down.
At this point, the door seemed to be the least of everyone’s worries. It was now a matter of whether or not the entire structure was going to collapse on you. Luckily, the shuddering slowly died down, everyone was looking around to check that all the others were okay. Occasionally, even a few other larger rocks had fallen, startling everyone as they landed nearby, but not close enough to cause any significant damage to anyone or the campsite.
“Geez.” The canine, Barley huffed, having stumbled to his knees- still weakened from the fall. Jamison and Beck were at each side of him looking out for the canine. Casey was watching with wide slit eyes around the room, trying her best to be aware of any other pieces of ceiling as it slowly continued to tumble down. Duke and Buddy were also close to her, huddling together with their heads craned high up.
You also took the moment to look up at the rocky cavernous ceiling and quickly noticed the stones peeling away from the top of it. At this point, you started to become worried about the door closing on you.
“Ya think that’s gonna open back up again?” Duke questioned everyone.
“Who knows. I mean, it was open when we first came here.” Casey replied.
“I don’t know. What if this is a trap?” Buddy added, you could see his hands shivering in fear as he looked around. Just like them, you started to look around as well.
You started to notice the other hallways spanning deeper into the building. Not only that, but the doorways opening above you seemed particularly interesting as well, luckily for you, you had a massive set of broad wings allowing you to enter the pathways overhead.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 03 January 2022

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