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“Hey.” You caught the group’s attention. “It looks like there are some pathways just over that way.” You started. In the moment, you were too exhausted to try navigating the tunnels overhead- especially by yourself. What you really wanted to do was get a bit more rest before moving forward. Considering it was only a few hours after setting up before that strange event had occurred, you couldn’t help but wonder how tired the others were. For you, it was enough rest to have at least partially rejuvenated you- but that was just considering the other-worldly abilities this latest transformation had given you. Still, you had a bit of concern for the others as you all continued deeper into the mysterious building.
“Woah!” You heard Buddy say as he watched a string of blue lights pulsating down the hallway, illuminating the darkness far beyond what your eyes could see. You could hear little murmurs of the others as they all quietly wondered to themselves what was just beyond the next bend. The hallways were twisting and turning deep into the belly of the massive structure; you all wondered how long it would be until your group came across anything interesting.
Still, it felt like everyone had been walking for hours until the group came across the second room. At this point, your head started to spin from all the twists and turns your group had taken to get here. Despite that, everyone was completely enamored with the mysterious room before them.
In the middle of the huge space there was a pillar of skulls. Water was cascading down the various rounded craniums before spilling like veins into a pool of water just beneath them. For some reason- despite most of the skulls belonging to furries- the sight still sent shivers down your spine.
Upon further inspection, you noticed a small row of screens- all displaying static- all pointing towards the middle as they almost encased the walls all around you. There were five screens total, each with their own dials pointing in an array of different directions. You took a moment to note where the wires were going.
The bunches of their lifeblood led directly back into the wall in a massive tangle of plastic casing. Every time the room pulsated with the blue light- like a heart- you watched the fuzziness quickly flick to some kind of program. It was far too fast for your eyes to catch, but it was still enough to indicate that something more was going on here.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 05 January 2022

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