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The heavy bass came from the club in front of Danielle and mingled with the laughter and conversation from the groups of people around the old building. The tigress took a deep breath out of the cold night air, this was technically the first time she would been clubbing, her body seemed to be reacting to the music and atmosphere of the place, wanting to dance. Hell, Daniel had hated any situation that could expose himself in public, but it seemed that Danielle was eager to be seen, to dance and party till the sun rose in the horizon.


Everyone standing in line looked to recognize her, smiling and waving as she passed. Wherever they walked her stripes seemed to attract attention and even some more interested looks that made the tigress want to blush under her fur. Pammy and David guided her down the street, far from the most populated clubs and down the street to check some other places.


The night was teeming with life, the music coming from different clubs mixed with the excited sound of voices and cheers from the groups walking up and down the street. The far-away ocean was a constant background noises with his crashing waves, a few fires on the beach showed where people were partying on the sand.


The three of them walked into a club by the name of “Pink Neon”, being received by the pounding tunes of a DJ high on his own sound, bringing a mix of electronic rhythms and beats in fast pace. The house was illuminated by flashing lights and pieces of colored neon that decorated the walls, the dance floor was mostly dark with lots of dark corners that made the place hot with dirty dancing.


Pushing through the crowd, swaying just right with the beat, Pammy dragged Danielle to the bar.
“Tonight is ladies night!” She said as the two of them walked towards the bar.


The lights in the room were mainly discreet wall mounts over the bar and colored lights pulsing around the DJ. The back of the room was wreathed in shadows, but Danielle could make out a sitting area with big leather sofas and chairs.


A cute, chubby blonde came over and asked what they wanted.

Written by Ashley-natter on 16 February 2018

"Two marguerites!" Pammy replied cheery.

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