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"Two marguerites!" Pammy replied cheery. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"Two marguerites!" Pammy replied cheery.


The bartender looked him over and asked for an ID. Danielle hesitated for a moment, half of her hoping that her ID would somehow show her true identity, but as soon as she showed it she knew that it wouldn’t be his old identity. The blonde inspected both identities before pouring the drinks, never even batting an eye at Danielle’s identity.


"Alright, and if you, girls, need a refill then come straight back to me before midnight, okay?" She gave Danielle a playful wink.


The tigress nodded, flicking her tail in confusion. Pammy guided to where David had saved them a table, but not before at least two different guys pulled her tail and one groped her ass.
With their drinks in hand, they enjoyed the music for a while, sipping from their plastic cups and watching the dance floor. The tigress quickly noticed that her eyes adjusted easily to the darkness, being able to see much better than her friends.


With Pammy and David eying the dancers, Danielle was struck by a sudden realization that she felt utterly at a loss about what were her preferences. She could remember having been a straight boy before it all, but now? She bit her lips, looking from one muscular, long haired man to a short haired brunette unsure of what she should do.

Written by Ashley-natter on 21 February 2018

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