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You run from the fox, trying to get away, but he follows you.


You decide to travel north into a room. The fox stops when you reach the door and whimpers for you not to go in.


You enter, knowing now that the fox will not follow you. As you venture into that room, you sense something wrong. You look around but right when you see it coming, it hits you, knocking you out.


You wake up 15 days later. It appears that what hit you was a blast of electricity, this room is the generator room for the mansion. Being out for 15 days has changed you state of mind dramatically, now half of your mind is the vixen and the other half is your original self.


You leave, only to find the fox waiting their for you. You feel an urge to go over to him, only your original half is stopping you, but you woke up late, it is almost day 16, the time when the vixen mind will have more control over you, but you won't be able to change unless you can get past the fox, and he doesn't look like he is going to move without you going to him first.


So you _________

Written by Umassday on 17 April 2006

Male Attempt to run past
Male Give up.

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